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Nothing can change the past but after a rape or sexual assault, compensation can be obtained that can make the future a little bit brighter.

woman who is a survivor of sexual assaultIf you or a loved one are a survivor, you have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against those who hurt you or whose negligence resulted in your attack. While it may seem obvious that you would file against the person who directly caused you harm, it’s not always obvious that another party has been at fault.

For example, if you were hurt in your apartment building because of a broken lock and the owner and manager of the apartment building knew about the lock, they can be held legally liable.

The total amount that can be obtained changes with each case since no two cases are exactly the same.

When you call Abuse Guardians, we first review every aspect of your case. That way, we can determine who was at fault. Then, we gather evidence, speak with any witnesses, and prepare both you and your case for court. Depending on the situation, we will then aggressively negotiate a settlement or fight your battle in court.

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If your child has been hurt by someone that you trusted, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation which can provide them with the care that they need. In fact, in addition to medical care, most survivors require emotional therapy for years if not the rest of their lives, therapy which can be quite expensive.

In the past, our law firm has handled cases involving:

Our goal is to get you and your loved ones what you need to build a brighter future. We do this by determining all parties who were at fault, handling the legal paperwork, consulting with experts, and speaking with any witnesses.

You may be concerned about the attention that might come with pursuing a lawsuit but it is possible to remain anonymous so that the public is unaware of the situation. We take this quite seriously – we know how hard it is already for victims to come forward and how brave they are. Privacy is something we respect.

Don’t hesitate to call. There are strict timelines associated with all sexual assault cases and if that allotted time passes, you may no longer be able to seek compensation. Contact us as quickly as possible so that we can get started on your case.