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You’ve learned something horrific – your child was abused by someone you trusted. You’ve reported that person to the authorities and criminal charges have been filed which will hopefully provide you with a sense that justice has been served. Now, you have to make sure that your child is getting the care and support they need as a survivor.

Medical care and ongoing therapy are expensive and you shouldn’t be burdened with financial stress because of another person’s actions. This is why the law allows a civil lawsuit to be filed which can provide the survivors of sexual assault with compensation which will cover their medical expenses, lost wages, physical trauma, and emotional suffering.

Who is this lawsuit filed against? Well, to start with, the person who sexually abused your child. But it may be possible to also name others whose negligence contributed to the abuse.  For example, if a school was aware that a teacher had a history of inappropriate behavior around students but did nothing to remove them from their position of authority, the school may be held liable.

There are statutes of limitations in all civil cases which is why it’s important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our goal is to not only ensure that you get the maximum compensation possible but to also make you feel as comfortable as possible while we fight for your child. Our legal team is always prepared to answer your questions. Call us now at our office, which is located near Graduate Hospital in Center City. We are waiting for your call.

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You’ve survived. You are a strong and brave individual who deserves to be compensated for all of the losses you have sustained. You likely already know that you can proceed with criminal charges but did you know that you may also be able to file a civil lawsuit as well?survivor of sexual assault in Philadelphia

A sex abuse lawsuit can provide the plaintiff with full compensation for the past and future losses such as medical bills, emotional therapy for trauma, any wages lost, and even continued physical suffering for the injuries you sustained.

These lawsuits can be filed against anyone whose negligence contributed to your assault. For example, if a victim was staying at a hotel and their abuser gained access to their room through a broken lock or by being given a key without proper identification, the hotel can be found negligent. In many cases, multiple defendants are named.

You can be sure that our legal team will carefully review all of the details in your case so that we can collect all of the possible evidence needed to support your claim. We will handle the paperwork, speak with witnesses, consult with experts, and prepare you for all possible outcomes.

You may be offered a settlement and in fact, the majority of cases end through a settlement. If a settlement offer is made, we will review it with you and, depending on how you wish to proceed, either negotiate for the amount you deserve or instead take the case to court. The choice is entirely yours.

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