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Our lawyers have helped survivors of sexual abuse recover millions in compensation from those responsible.

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Support For Sexual Abuse Victims

The lawyers at Laffey, Bucci & Kent are here to help, not burden, our clients.
We only offer our services on a contingency-fee basis, which means you owe
us nothing until we win your case. Our goal is to bridge the growing gap
between criminal and civil justice, providing a trusted voice for survivors.

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What is Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a crime based in power, and many offenders gravitate towards occupations and positions of authority. Exploiting trust and respect, victimizers use vulnerability to commit their horrendous crimes. But too often, the criminal justice system focuses on punishing these reprehensible individuals, offering little support for assault survivors as they recover.

Impact on Victims

Restitution and compensation funds may suffice for immediate medical expenses and counseling, but many survivors must turn to civil lawsuits, and the assistance of experienced sexual assault lawyers, to treat the deeper scars left by sexual abuse.

Legal Action

Laffey, Bucci & Kent is devoted to protecting the rights and dignity of sexual abuse survivors. Focused on individual, compassionate attention, we handle every client’s case with the utmost discretion and respect.

With over 90 years of combined trial experience, we’ve taken on numerous intimidating defendants, including massage parlor chains, legal officials, schools and faith organizations. Our sex abuse litigation team is led by Brian Kent, Esq., a former prosecutor for the Sex Crimes Unit of Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. Brian’s dedication to the interests of abuse survivors has only strengthened since he entered the world of civil law.

No crime is more heinous than childhood sexual abuse. Every victim is faced by a lengthy road back to normalcy, but the survivors of abuse during adolescence may be forced to deal with psychological trauma long into adulthood. Repression and post-traumatic stress disorder are common, and can make securing criminal justice difficult. We’ve made it our moral duty to support victims in any way we can, from start to finish.
The vast majority of abusers know their victims. Many offenders are the intimate partners of the people they abuse. Family violence is real, rampant and unacceptable. Survivors, and those still living through the horrors of abuse, often fear speaking out and remain trapped in unsafe situations. No one deserves to live like that. But even after a criminal conviction, victims must live with the physical and emotional trauma of abuse. We can’t take back those days, months or years of fear and violence, but we can say there’s a better way to find the help you need.

The path to true justice doesn’t end in a criminal case. Filing a civil lawsuit is the only way that many survivors of sex abuse crimes receive any compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. But to most victims, getting wrapped up in another legal matter sounds like one more source of anxiety.

That’s why our sexual assault attorneys handle every detail for our clients, so they can focus on what really matters – recovery.