Lawsuit Against Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center In Lima, PA Alleging Sexual Abuse

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Delaware County Juvenile Correctional Facility Lawsuit: Update

A complaint has now been filed in Delaware County, PA against the Lima Juvenile Justice Center by Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP. The complaint outlines the disturbing allegations including the mistreatment of young people. John Doe says he was held in seclusion for days, chocked until almost passing out, beaten, and raped when he was 16, leading to symptoms of PTSD. Jane Doe says guards gave her Xanax, alcohol and marijuana at "private parties" before being raped.

The complaint describes the abuse continued for years in front of staff who did not intervene or have helped cover the crimes. If you or someone you love has any information that may be useful in this case, we encourage you to call our dedicated team today.

DelCo Judge Orders All Youth Detainees Be Removed From Lima Juvenile Justice Center

A Delaware County judge has ordered that all detainees held in the Lima, PA Juvenile Detention Center be moved after allegations were made regarding abuse of detainees by staff working at the detention center. 

The allegations, which were brought to light in a letter written by Delaware County Public Defender Christopher Welsh, included claims of systemic sexual, psychological, and physical abuse. Four affidavits from current and former staff were included with the letter and likely played a part in the Judge's swift and decisive order to empty the Detention Center.

Included among the allegations were the following:

  • Detainees were regularly threatened with physical violence
  • Detainees were locked in rooms without running water
  • Hateful speech against detained children
  • One child believed to have mental illness was forced to drink from a toilet bowl
  • Detainees put into chokeholds
  • Child's head slammed into a window which caused the glass to crack
  • Ignoring suicide attempts

Staff testimony also explained how the work environment had been engineered so that reporting of such deplorable instances of abuse could not be reported. Instead, previous to reports being filed, supervisors and managers had to be alerted before the permanent records were created. 

Child Abuse At Detention Centers

There are a variety of reasons why a young child could end up at a juvenile detention center in Pennsylvania. However, there are no reasons which explain why a child should be subject to any kind of abuse while they are detained. 

Even after detainees have had their day in court, stood in front of a judge, and been found guilty of a crime, this does not mean they deserve to be abused in any way while they are serving time. This is as true for adult offenders as it is for children. 

Detention centers of any sort have a duty to protect the health and wellbeing of the individuals housed within. If rampant abuse of detainees exists and it is not mitigated by a centers' directors, or if reports of abuse are openly discouraged, then the victims of abuse have the right to seek justice.

By filing a lawsuit against a Juvenile Detention Center, detainees who suffered abuse can seek justice and compensation for damages suffered.

Attorneys Investigating Claims Of Abuse At Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center

Guy D'Andrea, Esq, a partner at the Laffey, Bucci & Kent, LLP law office in Philadelphia, has been retained by a client who alleges they were abused at the Lima, PA Juvenile Detention Center.

Mr. Kent and his legal staff are currently conducting an investigation into the allegations. Any individuals who may have been victims of similar abuse at this or another Juvenile Detention Center are encouraged to come forward and join other victims in seeking justice. Staff who may have witnessed any abuse at these facilities are likewise asked to tell their accounts.

The trauma that victims of abuse experience can be life-changing. Such experiences can leave victims feeling like a shell of their old selves, never able to reach their full potential. With the help of an experienced legal representative, victims can achieve justice and make their voices heard.

Mr. Kent and his team are fighting for the deserved compensation of victims, and if you were a victim of abuse at a juvenile detention center, they can help you, too. Contact us today for a free legal consultation - there is no cost associated with getting the legal answers you need.

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