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Lawsuits Against Sexual Abuse At Vacation Resorts

Going on vacation should be a reward for all your hard work, not a nightmare. You are here because:

  • While on vacation you or a loved one was sexually assaulted or raped
  • You are unsure of what your legal rights or need an attorney
  • You are seeking justice, and want to hold those responsible accountable

The experienced lawyers at Abuse Guardian are here to help. We've handled numerous sexual assault cases. Learn more in a free consultation from a dedicated sex abuse lawyer. Read more: sexual assault in the workplace, or continue reading below for more information on vacation resort sexual abuse.

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A getaway to a vacation resort is supposed to be about relaxation and escaping the stress of daily life. Along with providing comfort and luxury, these resorts are expected to do all that they can to keep their guests safe.

Unfortunately, some resorts fail to provide proper security measures which results in a guest becoming the victim of sexual assault or another violent crime. When this happens, victims may have recourse by filing a lawsuit against the resort and/or the offender.

Preventing Tropical Resort Sexual Abuse
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Vacation Sex Abuse Lawyers: How Can Resorts Ensure The Safety Of Guests?

Vacation resorts can reduce the risk of crime by taking certain preventative measures, such as:

  • Properly screening applicants - Before hiring a new employee, resorts should conduct background checks and make sure the applicant has no prior history of violence or sexual abuse. If they fail to do this and a sexual predator is hired, all guest are at risk. These predators may have access to hotel rooms and spend one-on-one time with guests, such as during a massage at a resort spa. This creates an easy opportunity for sexual assault.
  • Adequate security measures - Resorts should have a fully staffed security team which can cover every corner of the property.  This is necessary to protect guests from unauthorized trespassers and from other guests who may have a history of sexual crimes. If the resort is properly patrolled by security, people with bad intentions are less likely to act on them. Resorts should also make sure to have proper lighting and security cameras on site. These both act as deterrents, and cameras can provide evidence when a crime does happen.
  • Support systems for crime victims - Even with proper security and hiring practices, sexual assaults may still happen. It's extremely important to have a proper response system which can attend to these victims. Resorts should train their staff in how to handle crime reports and a system in place for reporting to law enforcement and providing medical attention. In foreign resorts which cater to American tourists, there should be English-speaking employees who can assist victims.

Failure to provide these basic protections may legally constitute negligence. If a resort could have prevented your assault or mishandled your report of the incident, they may be held liable for damages in a lawsuit.

Common Types Of Sexual Assault At Resorts

Sexual assault is a rampant, worldwide crisis, and resorts are not immune to this serious problem. Tourists expect to be safe when they stay at a big name resort, but this is unfortunately not always the case. With so many guests and large staffs, there is always the chance that a sexual predator could be on site.

Common examples of sexual assault experienced at resorts include:

  • Cleaning workers and housekeepers - These employees work in and around guest rooms, which means they have access to areas which are supposed to be private. Predatory housekeepers could use this access to commit a sexual assault.
  • Massage therapists - Many resorts offer luxury spas with offers of professional massages. Getting a massage puts you in a vulnerable position, as you're undressed and allowing a stranger to touch you. Sometimes, these massage therapists cross boundaries and what was supposed to be a relaxing massage becomes a sexual assault.
  • Resort guests - While a resort can screen job applicants during the hiring process, it's virtually impossible to prevent sexual predators from staying as guests. The heavy drinking, party environment at many resorts brings out the worst of these people. They may see other guests as easy targets and end up assaulting them away from the crowds.

It's important for resort guests to always stay aware of their surroundings. Resorts often offer a false sense of security since they're gated off and separated from the streets. But there is always the possibility that a sexual predator is lurking in the crowds.

Legal Options For Survivors of Vacation Sex Abuse

Sexual assault is always a traumatizing experience, but incidents at vacation resorts can be even more difficult. Victims are often far from home, sometimes in foreign countries, and have no idea how to respond. This may be made worse if resort staff members don't take their allegations seriously.

Reporting Sex Assault Assault at Resorts Abroad

If you're an American citizen who has been sexually assaulted at a foreign resort, you should contact the US Embassy or Consulate for assistance. They will help you work with the local police and ensure that you get the medical treatment you need. You should also report the incident to resort staff and may contact local police yourself.

You may also wish to file a lawsuit against the resort, the perpetrator, or both. These cases are complicated, especially if the incident occurred overseas. If you'd like to discuss your options for a lawsuit, we recommend consulting with one of our experienced sexual assault lawyers.

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