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"Can I Sue a Celebrity for Sexual Abuse?" Sex Assault Lawyers Holding Them Accountable

Were you or a loved one the victim of sexual assault by a celebrity or politician? You likely have questions such as:

  • Can you sue a famous celebrity for sexual assault?
  • Who can hold a politician legally responsible for sexual abuse?
  • Should I file a lawsuit for sexual abuse against public figures?

Suing A Politician For Sexual Harassment

Just because individuals have captured the public eye does not mean that they are without fault. And if public figures such as celebrities or popular politicians commit sexual assault in any setting, they must be held responsible.

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Suing A Celebrity For Sexual Assault

The sudden way in which celebrities often rocket into fame and "stardom" leaves the public with little time to investigate what kind of person they may be under the surface.

However, no matter the number of awards or the stellar performances they may awe us with, they must be held accountable for crimes they commit. This is hardly ever more important than when the crime is sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, sexual assault doesn't end here and can happen anywhere,  including hospitals, schools, and even sexual assault by Uber drivers.

How Can Celebrities Commit Sexual Abuse Or Assault?

The adoration and devotion with which the public can shower celebrities often lead the celebrated individuals to become comfortable with pushing normal boundaries. They may expect special treatment simply because they are 'themselves'.

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While in many instances this kind of attitude does not devolve into sexual abuse of others by celebrities, it is recognized as one of the factors that often "opens the door" for abuse. Celebrities can become used to getting their way simply because they are famous, and this power dynamic can embolden sexual predators into committing their acts without fear of retribution.

Additionally, some sexually abusive celebrities have been known to coerce their victims or otherwise intimidate them into committing sexual acts. Those persons who are sexually abused by celebrities and later share their experience often tell of how they did not feel like they could say no, even if they wanted to.

It's normal for victims to fear being publicly shamed and defamed, particularly if their current or future employment is dependent on their reputation. Concerned with being besmirched by a famous figure, victims of sexual abuse can feel forced to hide their trauma for long periods of time.

Celebrity Sexual Assault Lawyers

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why victims of sexually-abusive celebrities do not come forth with their experience is because of the wealth and status that many of these perpetrators possess. Most individuals simply do not have the financial means to engage in a long legal battle with a well-capitalized defendant.

This is exactly why the celebrity sexual assault attorneys at Abuse Guardian make their legal services available to victims on contingency. This means that if no compensation is secured on behalf of the victim, no attorney fees whatsoever will be owed. It's that simple.

Our law firm also possesses the substantial financial resources necessary to carry out sexual abuse lawsuits against celebrities. These cases may take years to resolve - this entails significant up-front costs before any compensation is achieved. With our firm, you have no concern of your lawsuit being unsuccessful because you ran out of funds.

Sexual Abuse Claims Against Politicians

Depending on the setting and circumstances in which an incident of sexual abuse by a politician took place, victims should be aware of some of the different paths of action that exist.

Most notably, if the sexual assault occurred in the workplace, this is to say, between a politician and a state or federal employee, then the victim will likely have to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) within a strict period of time, often just 45 days from the date of the incident. After an EEOC claim is filed, victims may still find a attorney who can help them file a lawsuit and set off both legal processes concurrently.

For victims of sexual abuse by a politician who were not federal or state employees, seeking legal representation and forging ahead with a sexual assault or harassment lawsuit need not be delayed by any official claims or complaint process.

Sexual Harassment by Government Officials

What kind of acts on behalf of a politician are considered sexual harassment or abuse?

Any kind of inappropriate or forced physical contact including hugs or back rubs can be considered abuse. Likewise, verbal harassment such as a quid-pro-quo solicitation is also considered a direct trespassing of norms and can qualify as abuse.

How To Sue A Politician For Sexual Assault

When a politician employs the power granted by their office to sexually assault and abuse others, victims and their loved ones have the right to leverage the civil justice system and make things right while also putting a stop to future abuse.

Just because politicians are popular and widely recognized does not mean they "get a pass" to impose themselves sexually on unsuspecting victims. Justly so, victims are afforded the right to file a lawsuit against a politician for sexual abuse. Likewise, they may also bring a legal claim against any agencies who may have failed in their duty to investigate and mitigate the abuse, or any others who may have actively attempted to cover up the crimes in order to avoid public outcry.

Given the involvement of federal or state employees, bringing claims of sexual abuse against politicians can be an incredibly laborious, complex, and time-consuming process. Most citizens will be completely unfamiliar with the rigorous legal steps that must be followed for a claim to be successful. Even unspecialized attorneys are unlikely to be familiar enough with relevant case law to prove helpful.

Politician Sexual Assault Lawyers

For this reason, it's critical for victims of sexual abuse by politicians to seek legal representation with experience in this niche of the law. Contact Abuse Guardian today to get in touch with a team of lawyers experienced in politician sexual assault lawsuits who can answer your questions and explain all of your options.

Abuse Guardian's experienced legal team also offers free and confidential legal consultations. In scheduling a session with our lawyers, victims who are considering filing a lawsuit against a celebrity or other famous figure for sexual harassment, abuse, or assault can learn more about their legal options.

Once victims understand their legal rights, only then will they be adequately prepared to determine whether taking legal action against those responsible is the right path to follow.

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