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Parker Lipman: Dan Lipman, Esq.
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"We believe every survivor deserves justice, and we are committed to fighting tirelessly to protect their rights and help them find healing and closure."" 
- Dan Lipman, Esq.

Dan Lipman, Esq.
Sexual Abuse Attorney

Parker Lipman
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Seeking Justice Against Abusers: Parker Lipman's Legal Team Provides Client Support

Parker Lipman, a well-established sexual abuse law firm based in Providence, Rhode Island, provides a collection of validated client testimonials highlighting the exceptional expertise and empathy distinguishing Dan Lipman and his team. Renowned for their resolute commitment to championing the rights of victims, Parker Lipman experienced attorneys consistently exhibit strategic acumen in obtaining justice for their clients. Take a moment to browse through these testimonials to witness firsthand the positive impact that Parker Lipman's legal advocacy has made in the lives of individuals navigating the aftermath of sexual abuse.

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"I would recommend Parker Lipman and Dan Lipman specifically to anyone with a personal injury or malpractice claim--and we decided together not to pursue my claim! Dan spoke with me for over an hour, clearly explaining all the costs, risks, and potential benefits involved. Without trying to talk me into anything, it became clear from our discussion that the costs and risks to me personally of bringing my claim greatly outweighed the potential recovery -- bringing a claim was not in my best interest. His advice was invaluable, and I was so happy that I spoke with him. I can now move on with my life knowing that I properly pursued my legal options. Dan is empathetic, reasonable, humble, and clearly an expert. I'm a lawyer, but I learned so much from our conversation. Most important - he is ethical and honest! He clearly tells it like it is - what clients need to hear not just what they want to hear!"Alex Ritchie

 "Professionally, I work with a large percentage of the Personal Injury attorneys in Colorado. Every single one of them knows, respects, trusts, and speaks highly of, Dan and Lorraine. They both have decades of experience, are leaders in the field of law, and, most importantly, are not afraid to go to trial to fight on behalf of their clients. If I ever had a case that needed attention, Dan and Lorraine would be my first call, because I know that I can trust them." - Jordan Conner

"They are a great law firm and they get things done. I highly recommend them." - Kathryn “Katie” Nielsen

"Excellent team of attorneys. They are extremely detailed and listen to your concerns and questions. It's clear their main concern is your well being and ensuring your case is thoroughly handled, not simply processed so they can move on to the next client. An outstanding law firm!" - Roger Mecca

"Professional and devoted team with realistic goals. The personal care made the progression of the case easier and the results were beyond the expectations." - Anat Levy

"Dan and Lorraine are not just outstanding attorneys. They are also two of the most honest, genuine people I have ever met. I give them my highest recommendation." - Joel Spector

"Everyone I worked with was professional and responsive. I would recommend this firm for their expertise and personal approach." - Sue Bator

"The responsiveness and professionalism portrayed by Parker Lipman is second to none. I needed to understand my legal options pertaining to an unnecessary surgery, and was thoroughly impressed. I highly recommend this firm." - Brent Kaull

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