Several communities in central Ohio were shocked to learn that more than 100 adults, including an ER doctor and a youth minister, were arrested in connection with human trafficking and a child sex operation. 

24 Men Arrested For “Attempted Unlawful Sexual Conduct With A Minor”

The accused men and women who were arrested were found thanks to the efforts of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The arrests were made for a variety of reasons including: man being arrested
  • 43 women arrested for selling sex 
  • 36 men arrested for attempting to buy sex
  • 1 man arrested for promoting prostitution 
  • 24 men arrested for attempting unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 
The Task Force set up a sting that combined the efforts of nearly 30 law agencies and worked in three Ohio counties, including Franklin, Fairfield, and Delaware. They focused on internet predators and human trafficking. 

Online Chat Rooms Are Often Frequented By Predators 

It’s no secret that the internet is used as a tool for predators who are seeking to make connections with children. As for the men in this latest case, it was also the tool that resulted in their arrest.  Undercover officers pretending to be children started conversations which each of the accused, ultimately setting up a time and place to meet. Major Steven Tucker who worked on the case has indicated that there was no question that each of the 24 men showed up thinking they would be sexually active with a child - each one brought some form of lubrication and/or sex toys.  Tucker encourages parents to speak to their children about the dangers of speaking strangers online, even though the topic is difficult. 

Child Sexual Abuse: The Facts 

Did you know that 1 in 5 girls is sexually abused? Or that 1 in 20 boys is the victim of sexual abuse? The survivors of these vile acts are at much higher risk for developing PTSD, major depression, and anxiety. They are also much more likely to abuse alcohol or drugs in the future.  Predatory pedophiles work to gain the trust of children and can often be found in positions of “power”, at least to a child’s eyes. Most children know their abuser and that abuser uses both their position and threats to keep their victims silent.  Child sexual assault commonly occurs in: 
  • Church Environments / Religious Communities
  • Medical Settings 
  • Boy Scouts
  • Group Homes 
  • Schools
  • Summer Camps 
  • Sport Groups 
The victims of child sexual assault and rape may display some of the following physical symptoms: 
  • Sudden Mood Swings victim of child abuse
  • Sudden & Unexplainable Fear Of A Person Or Place 
  • Nightmares 
  • Bedwetting 
  • Bruising 
  • Bleeding 
It’s important for parents and loved ones to seek help if they suspect abuse has occurred and to know that the majority of children don’t speak up because they don’t understand that they can or they are too afraid to do so.  In the past, victims and their families have fought for justice through a sexual assault lawsuit, a form of a civil lawsuit that is filed in addition to any criminal charges that the abuser faces. 

Child Sexual Assault Lawsuits - What Survivors Need To Know 

If you were sexually abused as a child or your loved one is a survivor, you could be owed significant compensation. A sexual assault lawsuit can provide compensation that will pay for medical treatments, therapy, and other losses that have been sustained.  A lawsuit plaintiff can file a lawsuit anonymously without fear that the public will be made aware of their painful story.  Abuse Guardians have helped thousands of clients obtain the compensation that they need to create a brighter and happier future. Our legal team has dedicated their legal careers to assisting the victims of rape and sexual assault. Contact our law firm today to learn more about your legal rights as a survivor and how we can help.