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A Brief History of Fishtown, Pennsylvania

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Looking to learn more about the neighborhood of Fishtown? Go no further than this sponsored article by the sexual assault lawyers in Fishtown.

Short History of Fishtown

Fishtown is a neighborhood within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its borders are roughly defined by Frankford Avenue, York Street and the Delaware River. The name Fishtown is derived from one of the first occupations of its residents. Before European settlements, the area was home to members of the Turtle Clain of the Lenape Indian tribe. When Kensington was founded in the 1730s by Captain Anthony Palmer, the neighborhood of Fishtown was established in a small section of it.

The first European settlers in the area were six Swedish farming families. They were followed by British landed gentry and shipbuilders and German fishermen. Fishtown has always been a working-class neighborhood. Irish Catholic working-class families make up the majority of the community. However, recently, the neighborhood has experienced a large influx of gentrification and young urban professionals and artists. More upscale entertainment, art and dining establishments were opened, thus bringing the housing prices in the area up. The median value of a house in Fishtown is $280,739, and the median rent price is $1,561. This is higher than the national average of $217,500 and $1,062, respectively. Today, the neighborhood has a population of 25,207 people. 62% of the residents own their homes.

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Penn Treaty Park

Penn Treaty Park is a small neighborhood park in Fishtown. Situated on Beach Street, it was once part of the Lenape village of Shackamaxon. In 1683, it was the site where William Penn entered into a peace treaty with the chief of the Turtle Calim. Tamanend. Around 1730, it was purchased by Anthony Palmer as part of the Fairman Estate.

Since it was dedicated on October 28, 1893, the park has been providing an open space for the public for centuries. It is a favorable designation for lunchtime eaters, picnickers and dog walkers. The park also offers an unobscured view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and public access to the Delaware River. In 1818, the elm tree under which the treaty was signed fell over during a storm. On May 6, 2010, a descendant of the famous Treaty Elm was planted in the park again. The 7-acre park is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Historic Sites

Along with Penn Treaty Park, there are many other historical establishments and landmarks in Fishtown. Those that are protected by the Philadelphia Historical Commission and the City of Philadelphia and has been added to the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places (PRHP) are:

  • Bradlee & Co.'s Empire Chain Works
  • The Otis Elevator Company's Boiler & Engine House
  • The Edward Corner Warehouse
  • The Joseph Paxson Frame Store & Dwelling
  • The Jacob Souder Frame Dweling
  • 10th District Patrol House & Stable
  • The Frederick J. Rapp House
  • The Morse Elevator Company's buildings
  • The Penn Home
  • The Fifth Dutch Reformed Church
  • St. Laurentius Roman Catholic Church

There are also three establishments in Fishtown that have also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). These are the Penn Treaty Junior High School, George Chandler School and Green Tree Tavern.

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