An Early History of Grundy, VA

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This article is presented by the priest abuse attorneys in Grundy. We encourage residents and visitors to learn more about the history of the local cities and towns. Starting with Grundy.

An Account of Grundy

Grundy is a town and county seat of Buchanan County, Virginia. It was founded during the establishment of Buchanan County in 1858. A plat of land was designated at the confluence of Levisa Fork River and Slate Creek for the development of the county's seat of government. A courthouse was to be constructed on the plat. Thus, began the formation of the Town of Grundy.

Named after the United States Attorney General and the United States Senator from Tennessee Felix Grundy, the economy for the Grundy has been dependant on coal mining since the late 1800s. When mining declined, many residents lost their jobs, and the population of the town decreased. In October 1864, it was a stopover for Union troops, under General Stephan G. Burbridge, on their way to the Battle of Saltville during the American Civil War.

A decade later, Grundy has been the site of many floods. Since 1929, the town has suffered from nine major floods of the Levisa Fork River. In the 21st century, a Federal project to relocate the town to high grounds was completed. Downtown businesses were relocated to an industrial building outside of the town. A mountain on the other side of the Levisa Fork River was blasted to provide a 13-acre plateau where most of the town has relocated to. Bridges and a flood wall were also constructed, and roadways have been moved. In an effort to economically redevelop Grundy after the Flood of 1977,  Buchanan County chose the town as the site to establish the Appalachian School of Law.

Appalachian School of Law

Appalachian School of Law is a private law school established in 1994 on a four-building campus in Grundy that was once the home of the P.V. Dennis Elementary School and Grnudy Jr. High School. It was first discussed when Joe Wolfe, a Norton, Virginia, lawyer, came up with the idea of creating a law school in Central Appalachia. In 1997, the State Council of High Education in Virginia granted the school permission to enroll students studying for the Juris Doctor degree. Approved by the American Bar Association, it offers a three-year Juris Doctor degree and has an enrollment of around 128 full-time students.

The school has since generated $12 million for the local economy, increased demand for the construction of rental homes, and stimulated the opening of more businesses. On January 16, 2002, a triple homicide occurred at the school. Peter Odighizuwa, a student at the school, shot and killed Professor Thomas Blackwell, Dean Anthony Sutin, and 1L student Angela Dales. He is currently sentenced to life in prison.

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