Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Andres Ybarra Garcia, a former pastor in the Southern Baptist church in California? Our dedicated sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. Thanks to California’s strong tradition of civil law, you have powerful legal rights. In many cases, sexual abuse survivors are allowed to pursue justice on their own behalf, by filing a private civil lawsuit for financial compensation.

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Andres Ybarra Garcia was convicted in 2007 of committing lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age. California records show that he was released from custody the same year.¬†Now 82 years old, Garcia’s current whereabouts are unknown. At this time, we do not believe that any civil lawsuits were filed over Garcia’s misconduct.

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Southern Baptist Sexual Abuse Crisis

The Southern Baptist Convention is in crisis. In the wake of a national investigation led by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News, we now know that sexual abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the Southern Baptist church. Reviewing records from the past 20 years, the two Texas newspapers identified 220 Southern Baptist deacons, pastors and volunteers who have been convicted of sexual abuse. The expansive investigation contains details from sexual abuse cases involving over 700 different victims.

Even worse, at least three dozens pastors and church workers accused of sexual abuse continue to work for Southern Baptist churches. There are also strong allegations that many Southern Baptist churches have worked to protect dangerous predators, concealing sexual abuse cases from the secular authorities and public.

SBC Struggles To Manage Scandal

The Southern Baptist Convention continues to struggle to address this pervasive problem. While President J.D. Greear has now proposed a number of potential solutions, concrete action has not yet been taken. Among other changes, the Convention is now considering the creation of a national database of suspected predators, a measure that was rejected by SBC leadership more than a decade ago.

Over recent decades, the Southern Baptist Convention has failed to address the problem of sexual abuse within SBC churches. This is the argument of many sexual abuse survivors and advocates, who are now pursuing justice on their own terms by filing civil lawsuits.

Filing A Sexual Abuse Civil Lawsuit

Andres Ybarra Garcia is among the 220 Southern Baptist pastors and volunteers named in the recent Southern Baptist sexual abuse investigation. As a registered sex offender, Garcia has been punished by the criminal justice system. Yet many sexual abuse survivors believe that the Southern Baptist Convention should also be held accountable.

In a series of new civil lawsuits, sexual abuse survivors among the Southern Baptist faithful accuse their national leadership of failing to address the problem of sexual abuse for years. As these advocates argue, the SBC has for decades chosen to ignore the deep and pervasive sexual abuse within Southern Baptist churches, empowering dangerous sexual predators to prey on unsuspecting victims. According to some survivors, many Southern Baptist churches have worked to conceal sexual abuse cases from the secular authorities.

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by Andres Ybarra Garcia? Our compassionate legal team is here to help. You may have the right to pursue a sexual abuse lawsuit and seek justice and financial compensation on your own behalf. This is your right as a resident of California.

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