Andrew Cowells, Former Concord High Teacher, Faces Numerous Student Sexual Abuse Charges

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Cowells Placed On Leave, Terminated By Concord Community Schools District In May

Andrew Cowells, a 47-year-old former teacher at Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana, is now facing 18 individual sex crimes charges. They are 13 felony charges and 5 misdemeanors, including:

  • Two counts of child solicitation
  • Ten counts of possession of child pornography
  • Two counts of battery
  • Two counts of voyeurism
  • Two counts of vicarious sexual gratification

The charges come almost two months after Cowells was first placed on leave when students reported that he had made comments of a sexual nature during class. It is also alleged that, during that same class period, he asked a student to "touch his groin." Later that day, the former Concord High teacher was reported to have entered the boy's restroom and looked over a bathroom stall as students urinated. 

The above are only some of the allegations which led to the charges, though these initial claims were enough grounds for a search warrant to be issued for Cowell's cellphone, at which point authorities encountered numerous pictures of children nude, as well as teenagers committing sexual acts. The Concord School District indicated that the child pornography was not of students belonging to their district.

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Dan Funston, the Concord Community School District Superintendent, expressed his concern in a statement:

“Any action or failure to act to protect the well-being of our students will not be tolerated. As a Concord parent myself this is personal, the well-being of our students is our most important responsibility.

Additionally, three other teachers were also placed on leave soon after the first reports of Cowell's behavior came to light, though no further information regarding their identities nor criminal charges have been made public. It has been widely reported that search warrants were also issued in order to obtain their personal cell phones.

Sexual Abuse Of High School Students By Teachers And Staff

Andrew Cowell is now facing criminal charges after numerous students were brave enough to step forward to tell their experiences. It is now in the hands of the Indiana criminal justice system to decide whether he is guilty and, if so, what his punishment should be.

Yet, while the criminal justice system may be efficient at putting sex crime perpetrators behind bars, it can often forget about helping the victims themselves to heal from the trauma they've experienced. The emotions felt by victims can be powerful, if not life-altering. Therapy can help, though the process of healing is one that simply cannot be "hurried along."

Fortunately, victims and their loved ones have additional legal recourses they can take in search of justice. By filing a civil suit, victims of teacher sexual abuse and harassment can pursue substantial financial reimbursement to support their recovery. 

As a rule, juries sympathetic towards victims of sex crimes often award hefty financial compensation in civil trials. As a result, the perpetrators and/or the organizations who employ them may sometimes choose to settle rather than have their case tried, as such a process can be lengthy and garner much negative attention.

Prior to the resolution of a sexual assault lawsuit, no one can predict what a settlement or verdict will be worth. It's critical to thoroughly evaluate each case before estimating its worth with any degree of accuracy. Despite this, value estimations are rarely reliable. During your initial consultation, anyone who claims to be able to place a value on the case is likely being dishonest.

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