Was your child sexually abused by Ben Roberts, a former daycare worker employed by at least three childcare facilities in the Abilene area? You are not alone. Our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are here to help.

Legal Help For Alleged Victims Of Ben Roberts

Nothing could be more horrifying than learning that your child was sexually abused. We understand. It might feel like you’re living a nightmare. Anger, grief, shock, rage, depression, sadness – these are all natural reactions to a terrible trauma. Don’t suppress these emotions.

Child Drawing With Crayons

Please know that this was not your fault. You did nothing wrong. Ben Roberts is accused of sexually assaulting at least 8 children, both at daycare facilities and in his home. If these allegations are true, the blame rests with Ben Roberts and any facilities that sheltered him or enabled his abuse to occur. It doesn’t rest with parents.

Your family may have powerful legal options. Our compassionate legal team believes that some families may be eligible to pursue justice and financial compensation by filing a private civil lawsuit. Your family has been terribly wronged, but you can raise your voice and demand accountability from any organizations that allowed Roberts to abuse children.

You can fight back. Learn more in a free consultation with our dedicated sexual abuse attorneys today. You can find more information at no charge and no obligation. We strive to maintain the utmost confidentiality. There’s no risk to reaching out for help.

Daycare Worker Abused At Least 8 Children, Police Say

A former daycare employee who worked at the Wylie Baptist Child Development Center has been charged for sexually abusing children. Benjamin Russell Roberts, 25, faces charges of indecency with a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child in Abilene, Texas.

Roberts was initially arrested in March 2018, after police authorities tracked child pornography activity to his home at a community outreach facility in north Abilene.

At least eight families have now accused Roberts of abusing their children at the Abilene daycare where he worked. Authorities say police witnessed six of the incidents on security camera footage obtained from Wylie Baptist Child Development Center. Alongside Wylie Baptist, Robinson has also worked at Southern Hills Church of Christ daycare and the Beltway Park Church Kid’s Club After School Ministry, where he had contact with children. There are also reports that he worked at Camp of the Hills for at least five summers.

“There is an extremely high likelihood that there are other victims that we don’t know about right now,” says Sergeant Lynn Beard, who is urging parents who have had children at Wylie Baptist Child Development Center, Southern Hills or Beltway Park to come forward with any information relevant to the ongoing investigation, KTXS reports.

Roberts Remains In Custody, Admitted To Child Porn

Police say alleged abuse also took place at Roberts’ home. After being arrested, Roberts was freed on a $100,000 bond, after which he went to live with his parents in College Station. He was then re-arrested on August 28 after a team of forensic technologists discovered approximately 400 images of child pornography on his computer.

Authorities say Roberts admitted to possessing child pornography before the material was found on his electronic devices. He has also admitted to touching at least one child inappropriately. Police also discovered a pair of children’s underwear among his effects.

He has now waived his right to a detention hearing, and will remain incarcerated in Taylor County awaiting trial. Police say Roberts had no criminal background, so he would have passed background checks at the three daycare facilities where he worked.

In a statement, representatives of the Wylie Baptist Church’s Child Development Center said they had terminated Roberts’ employment immediately after he was arrested. “The information we have at this time,” the Center writes, “is that the case involves activity in his home and is not associated with out facility.”