#BreakingCodeSilence: Stopping Institutional Child Abuse and Trauma

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#BreakingCodeSilence is a movement that first came around in 2019 but has gained traction more recently.

The movement itself focuses on the troubled teen industry and reforming the toxic correctional schools.

While these schools are positioned as “rehabilitation centers for troubled youth”, there have been reports of extreme physical, sexual and mental abuse, and even death at the institutions.

In October 2020, our Virginia sexual abuse lawyers filed the Cumberland Lawsuit, the hospital had a history of alleged abuse and neglect similar to that experienced by victims of Code Silence, including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and medical malpractice.

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Abuse Accusations at Teen Treatment Centers

With over 1,000 residential treatment centers for youth in the United States, and over 50,000 children within the facilities every year, the reform centers can easily exploit vulnerable youth.

The programs are typically for-profit and have a lack of government regulation, allowing them to hold children for years claiming treatment for mental and behavioral issues, but typically treatment is less than therapeutic and does more harm. This abuse comes from cruel treatment, restraints, drugging and food deprivation. Abuse like this during formative years can cause lasting problems.

What Is Code Silence?

At some of the schools and facilities, the term “Code Silence” is used. This is a form of punishment where students are told to socially isolate and not speak to specific students. Breaking Code Silence is a movement created to raise awareness of these problems. It uses the many voices of victims to bring this abuse and trauma to light, aiming to create change and protect future youth from the same abuse.

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Paris Hilton and #BreakingCodeSilence

In September 2020, Paris Hilton released a documentary on her YouTube channel where she opened up about being “sent away” to different treatment centers, including Ascent, Cascade, CEDU and finally Provo Canyon School where she spent 11 months.

It was her time at Provo which she talks about in the documentary, calling it the “worst of the worst.” She shares the full experience in the documentary but is also actively posting on her social media to help raise more awareness of the cruelty, and sharing a petition to shut down the Provo school.

Physical and Mental Abuse Leading to Further Anxiety

Suffering from abuse, whether physical, mental or sexual, can lead to fear and anxiety later in life. Hilton revealed that her experience made her “not trust anyone,” and for falling into abusive relationships later in life. On the Breaking Code Silence official website, other survivors of similar abuse step forward with their stories. This vocal uprising hopes to aid other victims find healing and put an end to the abuse by shutting down these facilities.

Stories of abuse from survivors have similar undertones, humiliation, sleep deprivation, social isolation, belongings being gone through and future abuse, trauma and PTSD as an adult.

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