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Our local Brookville sexual abuse lawyers have sponsored this article documenting the history of the town. We hope that as a resident, or visitor, you learn more about the great area.

Get to Know Brookville

The history of Brookville dates back to the late 1790s to when Joseph and Andrew Barnett established a settlement with their brother-in-law, Samuel Scott. This settlement was at the intersection of the Sandy Lick and Mill Creeks, now referred to as Port Barnett.

Because of the intersection of rivers in the area, the main source for business and economic growth was in the lumber industry. The rivers provided access to float timber to Pittsburgh. A toll road was completed in 1822 and connected the town to more of the county.

The town of Brookville was officially established in 1830 and just two years later, there were already 40 houses, a courthouse, four stores and even four taverns for residents to enjoy. About twenty years later, there were over 40 lumber mills in the area. During the Civil War, Brookville formed a number of military units. This included the 105th Regiment of the PA volunteers, also known as the Wildcat Regiment.

Development continued after the Civil War. In 1873, the railroad came to the town, providing a growth in industrial and commercial development.


Although the town sits in a prime location for industry, its population has always stayed relatively small. As of the 2000 census, there were 4,230 people living in 1,849 households. Over 98% of the population identified as White, with just .25% identifying as African American. The median income in 2000 was $30,843. The age of the population was quite spread out, with 22% under 18, 8.1% 18-24, 26.1% 25-44, 23.4% 45-64 and 20.5% over the age of 65.

Things To Do In Brookville

While the town became known for logging and industry thanks to its prime placement on rivers close to Pittsburgh, the town today offers quite a lot for residents and visitors. There is the Western Pennsylvania Laurel Festival, which has happened annualy since 1957. This fest offers a pagent, parade, carnival, music entertainment and more. It it typically held in the third week in June.

Following the festival in July is the Jefferson County Fair, held just outside the city at the Fairgrounds. The winter holiday season brings the Victorian Christmas Celebration, which takes place along the Main Street in late-November/December.

Brookville is also the opening to the northern trailhead of the Redbank Valley trails, offering a 51-mile four-season trail. The Scripture Rocks Heritage Park is another local hiking area with  67 sandstone boulders engraved between 1910 and 1913 by Douglas M. Stahlman.

If you were looking for something not hiking related, there is the Moonlite All-American Drive-in Theater and the Second Strike Lanes. There is the Brookville Historic District that offers visitors and residents an insight into Victorian style architecture and plenty of shopping.

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