Catholic Church Names Nineteen Priests In Kansas Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of Children

On Friday, September 6th, 2019, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of released the names of 19 priests who have been accused and/or found guilty of sexually assaulting children. In fact, Bishop James Johnston Jr. stated that each man listed had "substantial allegations" against them. Where Are The Nineteen Kansas Priests Accused Of Child Sexual Assault Now? [...]

Texas Has The Highest Number Of Inappropriate Teacher – Student Relationships

After publishing a four-year study in the Phi Delta Kappan education journal, Charol Shakesshaft, a professor at Hofstra University stated “Sex between teachers and students is much more common than people are willing to acknowledge.” and given recent reports, it would appear that she and her study are correct. Texas Sets Disturbing Record Beginning in [...]

Man Up – Men Against Sexual Violence

Frequently men are put on blast when it comes to situations regarding sexual assault and domestic violence, most especially those in the public eye such as NFL players. Their visibility to the public allows others to quickly judge and make assumptions about all athletes since they are considered to be role models for American male youth. [...]

Sexual Harassment: The Anita Hill Case

One of the most famous sexual-harassment cases in history took place 25 years ago this year. The Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Controversy prompted a national conversation regarding sexual harassment. A Summary Of The Controversy In 1991, President Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court as a more conservative replacement for Justice Thurgood Marshall after he [...]

Introducing The Sexual Assault Survivor Bill Of Rights

It seems to be too common of an occurrence that victims of sexual violence end up being retraumatized during the process of reporting the incident. From state to state, across the country, survivors of sexual assault have experienced unnecessary hardships during a time when they require the most support. Now, advocates are trying to change [...]