Circle of Hope Boarding School Sex Abuse Allegations

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Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch: Alleged Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse

Abuse Guardian has been following the breaking news of alleged abuses at  the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding School.

We encourage survivors to come forward in confidence and to allow our team of boarding school abuse lawyers to help obtain the justice you deserve.

  • If you suffered abuse at the facility
  • Parents of those who have suffered at Circle of Hope
  • Witnesses to any sexual, physical or mental abuse
  • Employees who may have witnessed absue
  • Anyone who may have information that is important
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What is The Circle of Hope Girls Ranch and Boarding School?

A mission statement of the organization says they 'Strive to help each child to become a god honoring and parent honoring young person; to be an honest, hard working asset to the community in which they will live with God's help.' The school, located in Humansville, Missouri, was opened in July 2006 by Boyd and Stephanie Householder. The ranch housed 20-30 youth residents throughout each year.

Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch Abuse Reported

In recent months, the depths of the alleged abuse happening at Circle of Hope Girls Ranch has come to light. One of the major contributors to abuse coming to the surface, and the eventual closing of the boarding school cam from a social media campaign on TikTok.

Missouri as a state has little regulation in private boarding schools and even when abuse was alleged previously, there was little the state could do because they had no authority over operations. The attention, over 33 million views, the TikTok account received helped serve as a platform for past students to share their experiences.

Abuse Allegations: Dozens of Girls Removed from Circle Of Hope Girls Ranch

After the viral TikTok campaign, the State Department of Social Services opened an ongoing investigation and in August 2020, it removed two dozen girls. With this removal, the ranch was effectively closed and the owners have not reopened the school. Their website is no longer accessible and the Google Maps listing, Yelp listing and other sites list it as permanently closed.

Some of the abuse shared during the social media campaign include stories of rape, emotional, physical, religious and sexual abuse, overuse of restraints and not enough access to food.

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Circle of Hope Girls Ranch Abuse Lawsuit Filed

In September 2020, a lawsuit was filed by two women requesting anonymity. In their lawsuit, Jane Doe (1) alleges the owners of the ranch physically abused her, used restraints for over an hour and that their son had raped and sexually abused her, over the course of her stay for several months in 2014 and 2015.

Jane Doe (2) alleges sexual assault and rape by Boyd Householder over the course of 6 months after her arrival in 2015.

At this time Abuse Guardian has not filed any lawsuit in this case. Learn more from our Missouri sex abuse lawyers:

If you or someone you love is suffering from similar abuse, neglect ans sexual assault, contact our attorneys today to learn your legal options. We believe you. We want your voice to be heard and your voice can help others afraid to step forward.

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