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A Short History of Decatur, IN

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The article below is presented by the attorneys of sexual assault in Decatur. Our legal team can't wait to bring you more content on the city.

Brief History of Decatur

Decatur is a city in the Root Township and Washington Township of Adams County, Indiana. Also the seat and largest community of the county, it was first settled by English settlers in 1835 as a result of the construction of the Erie Canal and the end of the Black Hawk War. These settlers were members of the Congregational Church in New England who had migrated to the area due to the Second Great Awakening. In 1836, Decatur was established and named after one of the captains of the original six frigates of the United States Navy, Stephen Decatur, Jr. In 1837, a post office was constructed. After the American Civil War, the city was a sundown town. All African Americans were discriminated against and ran out of town by 1902. However, over the past century, people of color have slowly been allowed to settle in the area.


As of the 2010 census, the city of Decatur has a population of 9,405 people. It is racially made up of:

  • 94.7%. White
  • 8.4% Hispanic or Latino of Any Race
  • 2.6% Other Races
  • 1.4% Two or More Races
  • 0.5% African American
  • 0.4% Native America
  • 0.4% Asian

There is a population density of 1,627.2 people per square mile. The city consists of 4,011 households and 2,511 families. The average household and family size are 2.32 and 2.92, respectively.

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Bellmont High School

Bellmont High School was established in 1967 as a consolidation of Decatur High School, Decatur Catholic High School and Monmouth High School. The school was originally situated between 3rd and 4th Streets and Jefferson Street. However, it was relocated to its current site on North Adams Drive at the former site of Bellmont Park two years later. The high school is part of the North Adams Community Public Schools District and is one of the members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Indiana Department of Education has rated it as a comprehensive high school. According to Niche, Bellmont High is the 2nd best public high school in Adams County. It has a population of 674 students from grades 9th through 12th.

Hanna Nuttman Park

Hanna Nuttman Park is a city park on Washington Street. The land was given to the city for public recreational use in 1932. It features seven baseball diamonds, a playground, two camping cabins, an open multipurpose field, picnic tables, bleachers, pavilions, a concession stand, and restrooms. As the last remaining part of the original forest that once occupied the Decatur area, visitors can also immerse themselves in the nature of the park by following its many hiking trails that wind through the woods. The trails are also the perfect place for wildlife watching.

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