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The Neighborhood of Stanton, PA

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The lawyers of child abuse from Stanton bring you the following article on the neighborhood. Our legal team is thrilled to assist you with learning more about the many features of Stanton.

Synopsis of Stanton

Stanton is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is bounded by York Street on the north, 16th Street on the east, Cecil B. Moore Avenue on the south, and Sedgley Avenue and North 29th Street on the west. The neighborhood has a population of 13,998 people and offers an urban-suburban miz area feel. 59% of its residents rent their homes. The median rent price for real estate in the area is $917, and the median home value is $61,174. This is below the national median of $1,062 and $217,500, respectively. Households in Stanton make an annual average income of $20,659. This is also lower than the national average of $62,843.

Frederick Douglass Elementary

Frederick Douglass Elementary is a Mastery Charter School in the neighborhood of Stanton on West Norris Street. Offering classes from grades Kindergarten through 8th, it has a total enrollment of 700 students. Those who attend the elementary school have the opportunity to move on to Simon Gratz High School after their completion of eighth grade. Within the public charter elementary school, there is a computer available for every student. There is also a student-to-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. Based on state test scores, 30% of the students are proficient in reading and 14% are in math. The elementary school has a Niche overall grade of a C minus and a GreatSchools rating of 3 out of 10.

North Roots Orchard & Farm

North Roots Orchard & Farm is a new community garden in Stanton. Located in the northwestern quadrant of the West Norris Street and North 19th Street intersection, it broke ground in June of 2021. Garrison Hines, a Philadelphia Orchard Project alum, has walked by the empty lot thousands of times while growing up in the neighborhood. The city-owned land has been empty all of his life. In an attempt to bring more green spaces to the neighborhood to balance out its booming market for housing, Hine's founded the North Roots Orchard & Farm. Working with the nonprofit Orchard Project, he has planted 16 trees on the lot so far. Himes has plans to formally acquire the land from the city in the near future.

Wagner Free Institue of Science

Wagner Free Institue of Science was established in 1855 by William Wagner, a philanthropist, merchant and gentleman scientist. With a mission to provide free education to all who wanted to learn about the natural world, he began to offer free lectures on science in 1847 out of his home, Elm Grove, on the outskirts of Philadelphia. As his lectures became more popular, he moved it to a public hall and later to its permanent home on West Montgomery Avenue in Stanton. Designed by Philadelphia architect John McArthur, Jr., it is of the Classical Revival and Renaissance architectural style. The museum is a rare surviving example of a Victorian-era scientific society. Over 100,000 specimens are maintained there. The institute is one of the historical treasures of Philadelphia and serves as a rich educational resource for natural history and science. Its preservation of the building and collection is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. On May 17, 1989, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). On December 14, 1990, it was designated a National Historic Landmark (NHL).

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