Former Cumberland Hospital Employee Stacey Burrell Facing Criminal Charges

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Former Behavioral Technician At Cumberland Hospital Faces Felony Charge

The news surrounding the sexual abuse of children at Cumberland Hospital have continued to break ever since the first charges were filed against a Cumberland psychotherapist in February of 2020. Before then, an investigation had been ongoing since 2017 though not much information had been made public. 

Most recently, Stacey Burrell, a 57-year-old former behavior technician from King William County employed at Cumberland, was indicted for intentionally pouring scalding water on a disabled patient. On paper, the charges were recorded as a felony count of malicious wounding.

The filing states that, in September of 2019, Burrell deliberately burned a patient under her care. That patient was Jackson, a 16-year-old boy who at an early age suffered brain damage that left him permanently disabled. 

Jackson's mother, Shannon Haddon, commented that she was initially hesitant when she dropped off her son at Cumberland. Tragically, nearly three months later, Jackson's injuries appeared. And though the staff initially passed them off as a rash, Shannon Haddon indicated that an executive at the Hospital had called her to tell her that the injuries were burns caused intentionally by an employee who had been terminated and reported to authorities.

That employee was Stacey Burrell. She had been seen on camera "going into the break room, heating up water, and pouring it on Jackson... It wasn’t once, it was numerous times," recounted Haddon.

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Jackson Hadodn's abuse was caught on camera on September 14th, 2019. Almost two years later, the perpetrator faces justice. However, many persons familiar with the case, including the victim's family themselves, are taken aback by what seemed to be attempts to cover up the abuse by Cumberland and its employees.

Attempted Coverup

Jackson's mother told how the story she heard on the phone following the initial injury kept changing. Through a phone call, she was asked for permission to give Jackson allergy medications to treat a new rash. Then, she was told the injury was not a rash, but rather a burn, though it had occurred in the shower.

Haddon resided in Tennessee, nearly 600 miles away from Cumberland. And yet, Hospital staff refused to let her see Jackson or pictures of his burns, citing that an internal investigation was ongoing. When Haddon was finally able to see her son, it was through Zoom. Only then was she able to get a glimpse of her son's injuries. 

Fortunately, Cumberland maintained detailed reports of Jackson's injury. In one place, it is described as a "second-degree burn with pink popped blisters seeping fluid." A change in attitude was also reported, noting that Jacksons was withdrawn. These records are likely to be leveraged in the case against Burrell.

Victims Can Seek Justice

The criminal justice system was established to try and punish offenders. While it may be effective at accomplishing this task, it is hardly as effective at supporting the victims of these same offenders.

It's likely that Jackson's abuser will face jail time, however, it's unlikely for this same criminal proceeding to award Jackson with remuneration for the damages he and his family have experienced. Under such circumstances is when the civil justice system can be counted on to do what's right.

Numerous civil cases have already been presented against Cumberland and previous employees for the abuse they committed and permitted to occur within their walls. More than three dozen alleged victims have found the strength and helped each other to step forward with their stories.

If you or a loved one were similarly a victim of abuse, we are here to help you find your justice, too. Contact our team now to learn more about your legal rights.

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