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A Brief History of Greenwood, Indiana

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Want to know more about the city of Greenwood? The priest abuse lawyers in Greenwood provide residents and visitors with a brief overview of the city's history and more.

Description of Greenwood

Greenwood is a city in the county of Johnson, Indiana. The area was first inhabited by the Delaware, Lenape, Indians. After the Treaty of St. Mary's in 1818, the first cabin in northern Johnson County was erected in 1823 by settlers John B. and Issac Smock. The town was subsequently named "Smocktown" or "Smock's Settlement" in honor of them. In 1825, it was renamed Greenfield and then renamed again "Greenwood" in 1833. In 1864, the town of Greenwood was incorporated.

During the turn of the 20th century, the town was an essential part of the Electric Indianapolis Interurban Railway System. On January 1, 1900, the Indianapolis, Greenwood & Franklin Railway opened between Indianapolis and Greenway after five years of development. It is said to be the first real interurban electric railway of Indianapolis.

Another important aspect of Greenwood during the time was the J.T Polk Canning Company. Playing a major part in the early growth of the town, it was the largest canning operation west of Baltimore at one point. The company canned a variety of vegetables that were grown in the state and was a major employer in the area. After the cannery was acquired by the Stockely-Van Camp company, operations stopped in Greenwood in the 1950s. Today, part of the old cannery has been repurposed for professional office space.

In 1960, Greenwood became a fifth-class city. In 2010, its status was raised up to a second-class city. With a population of 59,458 people, the city of Greenwood is the most populous suburb municipality in the southern part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan area.


Greenwood is home to 17 parts that encompass over 400 acres of land in the city. These parks offer outdoor recreational space for residents and visitors to the area. It includes more than 20 miles of trailways and walking paths, playground equipment, biking opportunities, green spaces, wooded areas, picnic areas, sports fields and splash pads. The following list is all of the parks in Greenwood.

  • Children's Garden Park on East Main Street
  • City Center Park on Lincoln Street
  • Craig Park on East Smith Valley Road
  • Freedom Park on West Stop 18 Road
  • Grassy Creek Park on East Worthsville Road
  • Northeast Park on Crestview Drive
  • Northwest Park on West Fry Road
  • Northwest Park Annex on West Fry road
  • Old City Park on South Meridian Street
  • Summerfield Park on West Worthsville Road
  • Surina Square Park on Surina Way
  • Trails Park on West Fry Road
  • University Park  on Legacy Boulevard
  • Westside Park on West Main Street
  • Woodmen Park on Ashmore Drive
  • Community Garden on West Fry Road
  • Northeast Skatepark on Crestview Drive

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Greenwood Commerical Historic District

Greenwood Commerical Historic District includes 25 buildings in the central business district of Greenwood that feature examples of Classical Revival, Italianate and Romanesque architectural styles. Some of the notable buildings in the national historic district are the former Odd Fellows Hall, former Masonic Lodge, Grafton Peek Building, G.W. Clemmons Block, the Interurban Public Service Company, and the Interurban Station. On June 14, 1991, the district was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

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