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The sexual abuse lawyers in Montgomery County, PA at Abuse Guardian present the following article about the area.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County is located approximately 31 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The county stretches across 311,680 acres of land and includes 2,688 acres of water, including the Schuylkill River that creates its southern border.


The Lenni Lenape Indians originally owned the area. The European settler, William Penn, was sent over by King Charles in search of a haven for the Quakers and others seeking religious freedom.

Other countries settlers came from include:

  • England
  • Wales
  • Sweden
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany

Residents requested a new county be formed due to their distance from the county seat. In 1784 the county was created from a portion of land that initially helped to create Philadelphia County. Although it is not sure, the name could have derived from Richard Montgomery, a general in the American Revolution, or after Montgomeryshire, a Welsh County.

The county was home to many farms and smaller industrial factories but continued to grow after the development of transportation systems such as:

  • railroads
  • canals
  • turnpikes
  • highways

Wissahickon Valley Park

Within the county, you will find the Wissahickon Valley Park. This park is 1,800 acres of preserved natural wilderness. There are many options to explore the park, such as:

  • walk
  • bike
  • horseback riding
  • drive through the Forbidden Drive

As you hike along the creek that connects with the Schuylkill River, you can view the historical dams that once gave power to the industrial mills that lined the creek many years ago. Statues stand in honor of the Native Americans that once ruled the area.

The National Audubon Society has designated it an Important Birding Area. Wildlife that can be seen here include:

  • woodpeckers - five different species
  • nuthatches
  • blue jays
  • owls
  • chickadees
  • mourning doves

Other parks located throughout the county include:

  • Evansburg State Park
  • Green Lake Park
  • Norristown Farm Park
  • Mason Mills Park


The population in Montgomery County was 799,884 in 2010 but increased to 830,915 in 2019. In the region, the county comes second to Philadelphia County for the highest population of residents born outside of the United States. The ethnic breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 86.46% white
  • 0.11% African American
  • 2.04% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4.02% Asian
  • 0.11% Native American
  • 0.03% Pacific Islander
  • 0.75% other races
  • 1.16% two or more races

With many residents born in other countries, it is no surprise that English is only spoken by 90.5%. The other languages spoken are the following:

  • 2% Spanish
  • 1.1% Korean
  • 1% Italian

The breakdown of residents by ancestry is the following:

  • 17.5% German
  • 16.7% Irish
  • 14.3% Italian
  • 6.5% English
  • 5% Polish

Montgomery County ranked the 51st wealthiest county in the United States in 2010. The average income per household was $60,829. The average income for a family was $72,183, and 197,693 families lived in the county in 2000.

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