John Bonine will remain in prison until he is 80 years old. The former pastor of Sierra Heights Baptist Church in Fresno, Bonine was convicted in 2009 on 16 counts of child molestation, charges to which he pleaded guilty. Prosecutors say Bonine molested two young girls associated with his church over the course of several years.

Legal Support For Victims Of John Bonine

Were you or a loved one sexually abused by John Bonine? Our experienced California sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. We understand the painful storm of emotions that sexual abuse can cause. Fear, anger, shame – these are normal reactions to a terrible trauma.

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You deserve strong support during this time. We believe that sexual abuse survivors should raise their voices for justice. John Bonine has been held accountable for his misconduct through the criminal justice system. Yet all across America, survivors of Southern Baptist sexual abuse are standing up to hold the Southern Baptist Convention accountable.

Lawsuits Seek To Hold SBC Accountable

In a series of new lawsuits, sexual abuse survivors from within the Southern Baptist community are stepping up for justice. In court documents, survivors from across the country accuse the SBC of failing to address the scourge of sexual abuse, allowing dangerous predators open rein to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Sexual abuse survivors are used to inaction and negligence. From Dallas to Duluth, Southern Baptist churches have been accused of concealing sexual abuse allegations from the secular authorities and the public. For many sexual abuse survivors, this is not new information. Survivors have been waiting for the SBC to act on sexual abuse for decades.

Sexual Abuse Within The Southern Baptist Community

But a recent investigative report from the Houston Chronicle has blown the lid off a true sexual abuse crisis within the Southern Baptist community. Using criminal records, prison records, sex offender registries and independent media reports, the Houston Chronicle named 220 Southern Baptist deacons, pastors and volunteers who have been convicted of sex crimes over the past two decades. At least three dozen of these men remain in active ministry.

The Southern Baptist Convention is struggling to handle this crisis. Amid widespread public outcry, the organization has convened meetings focused on tackling sexual abuse, but no concrete actions have yet been taken. This is not the first time the Southern Baptist Convention has been forced to take on the issue of sexual abuse. More than a decade ago, church leaders rejected a proposal to create a national database of sexual predators.

Now, President J.D. Greear is willing to reconsider the proposal for a national database of predators, along with additional measures to combat sexual abuse. But for many sexual abuse survivors, these efforts have already come too late.

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Were you or a loved one sexually abused by John Bonine? Your trust was betrayed. We want to help make things right. You may have the option to file a private civil lawsuit against the Southern Baptist Convention. In some cases, survivors may be eligible to secure significant financial compensation. Learn more about your legal options today in a free legal consultation with our experienced attorneys today.

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