Louisiana Gymnastics Coach Jonathan West Accused Of Molesting 12 Boys

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Was your child sexually abused by Jonathan West, a gymnastics coach at Flipnastics and the New Orleans Outlaws? West has been accused of sexually abusing at least 12 young boys, many of whom he coached at the two Jefferson Parish gymnastics clubs.

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Our experienced gymnastics sexual abuse attorneys can help. We understand the powerful storm of emotions you must be dealing with – anger, horror, grief, shock. These are normal reactions to a horrific crime.

You must have many questions. How was West granted access to so many young alleged victims? Why was he hired as a gymnastics coach in the first place? How did this happen? If the allegations of Jefferson Parish police officials are true, Jonathan West is a dangerous sexual predator, one who preyed on the children who entrusted them with their gymnastics careers.

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Jonathan West’s Long History Of Alleged Sexual Misconduct

You may be surprised to learn that these are not the first allegations of sexual misconduct against Jonathan West. He was accused in 2011 of raping a young woman, the New Orleans Advocate reports. West was arrested for aggravated rape involving two or more offenders, an extraordinarily serious crime that carries a mandatory life sentence. While West was never convicted of the charge, the criminal accusations against him were never expunged from his record, meaning they would have shown up during a criminal background check.

The next year, West was again accused of sexual misconduct, this time for the alleged molestation of a 3-year-old in Kenner. Police conducted an investigation, but ultimately determined that there was not enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

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Experienced Attorneys Launch Full Investigation

Now, West has been arrested and charged for molesting at least 12 boys at Jefferson Parish gymnastics clubs, but troubling questions still remain. How was West allowed to remain in contact with vulnerable children for so long? Were Flipnastics and the New Orleans Outlaws aware of West’s history before he was hired? Could more have been done to protect children?

To answer these questions, our compassionate sexual abuse attorneys have opened a full investigation into the alleged sex crimes of Jonathan West. If your child was sexually molested by West, reach out to our experienced lawyers today for a free, confidential consultation. We believe that the voices of children must be heard. Our only goal is to support sexual abuse survivors and their families in the pursuit of justice.

Police Say Jonathan West Molested At Least A Dozen Boys

26-year-old gymnastics coach Jonathan West has been arrested in connection with the sexual abuse of at least 12 young boys in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, reports. West was being held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center prior to an October 4, 2018 pre-trial conference. Most of West’s victims, according to police authorities, were students at Flipnastics, a gymnastics training club in Luling, Louisiana.

Law enforcement officials say that West targeted many of his students at the gymnastics club where he taught, Flipnastics in Luling. He is also accused of finding victims at The New Orleans Outlaws, a cheerleading and gymnastics gym in Kenner, Louisiana. He also met with some of the young boys at Sector 6 Extreme Air Sports, a trampoline park in Elmwood, authorities report.

Court records show that West’s alleged victims range from 9 to 15. Some of the abuse, police suggest, was reported as early as September 2015.

Criminal Charges Mount Against Jefferson Parish Gymnastics Coach

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, West was formally charged for sexually abusing 12 young boys, including many of his own gymnastics students. West faces a battery of criminal charges, including 2 counts of oral sexual battery, 3 counts of sexual battery with a juvenile under the age of 13, 8 counts of sexual battery, 10 counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile and 1 count of computer-aided solicitation of a minor. He has pleaded not guilty to all 24 of the charges.

Detectives from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and Kenner Police Department say that, according to victim reports, West would inappropriately touch the genitals of his victims during car rides to practice. At least one victim has accused West of asking him to upload a sexually-explicit video of himself to Snapchat.

Other victims say Jonathan West would molest them at his apartment in Elmwood, where he allegedly gave them marijuana and alcohol, insisting that they sleep in his bed. “He also convinced some of the victims that sexual stimulation from him would increase their testosterone, make their muscles bigger and make them better tumblers,” according to


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