The judge in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial ordered the jury, which had reported that they were deadlocked on all charges, to continue deliberations on June 15th, 2017.

Jury Asked For Additional Information

During their first 30 hours of deliberations, the jury asked six questions, seeking additional clarification which may help them to reach a decision. The questions that have been asked include:

May Testimony Regarding Mr. Cosby’s Calling Pills His “Friends” Be Reviewed?

In March of 2005, Andrea Constand, a former Canadian national basketball team player, filed a lawsuit against Cosby, alleging that he had sexually assaulted her in his home in January of 2004.scales of justice On the night in question, she alleges that while at his home, he gave her pills which left her only semi-conscious and unable to move. Then, he touched sexually and placed her hand on his penis. Later, she woke up to find her clothing had been removed and was all over the room.

Although she did agree to settle for an undisclosed amount, the lawsuit did move forward for some time and Cosby even gave a sworn deposition.

During the deposition, he admitted that he had said “I have three friends for you to make you relax.” and that he had purposefully obtained Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with.

May We See Evidence From C-27 – C43?

These evidence exhibits were used in the Constand case over a decade ago and address:

  • How Constand and Cosby met one another.
  • Cosby’s description of the night – which he called a consensual sexual encounter.

Please Define What “Without Her Knowledge” In Count 3 Means

In response to this, the judge informed the jury that he was not permitted to define the charges any further and that since they had the charges in writing, they needed to determine that themselves.

May We See The Durham Police Report Or Court Reporter Recording Of Andrea Constand’s Interview?

Constand’s initial police report was to Detective Dave Mason who worked for the Durham Regional Police in Ontario, Canada. Detective Mason actually testified last week regarding his interview, stating that he remembered her saying that she felt dizzy and was unable to remain standing after Cosby gave her pills to “help with her tension”.

May We Review Andrea Constand’s Testimony?

Constand also testified during this most recent trial, speaking of the night of her alleged assault. Much like Cosby’s description of the night, she told the court that he had offered her three pills which he said were herbal to help her relax, calling them “friends”. She only expected them to take the edge off, but she soon realized she was unable to move.

May We Review The Richard Schaffer Testimony?

Richard Schaffer was the officer who testified last week regarding an interview that Cosby gave to the Pennsylvania police in January of 2005. The statements from that interview were read in court, including a section in which Cosby told police the pills he gave Constand were Benedryl, not herbal or Quaaludes that were later mentioned.

What Happens When A Jury Is Deadlocked?

In order for a verdict to be reached the decision by the jury must be unanimous. In this case, the three charges against Cosby are for aggravated indecent assault. If found guilty, he could spend the front of a courthouseup to ten years in prison for each charge.

Although there is technically no limit to the number of times that a judge may as a jury to continue deliberating, it is likely that if they continue to remain deadlocked, the judge may call a mistrial. However it may be some time before that happens – the longest jury deliberations in American history was 4 ½ months.

What Happens If A Mistrial Is Declared?

In the event that a mistrial is declared because of a “hung jury”, the defendant is neither convicted or acquitted of the charges and the case may be retried.