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Former York Tech Teacher Kevin Nagle Convicted Of Molestation In Pennsylvania

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Were you or a loved one molested by Kevin Nagle, a former teacher and store manager at York County School of Technology? Nagle has been convicted on charges of assaulting two young students under the guise of measuring them for pants, but prosecutors say at least two additional victims are out there. Our Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorneys believe that other abuse survivors may be eligible to step forward and pursue justice.

Legal Support For Alleged Victims Of Kevin Nagle

If you or your child was abused by Kevin Nagle, our dedicated legal team understands the powerful range of emotions you must be experiencing. Pain, anger, grief, shock, even shame and embarrassment – these are all natural reactions to a horrific trauma.

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You are not alone. At least four victims have come forward to share their stories with the world. We believe you, and we believe your voice deserves to be heard. Kevin Nagle is guilty of committing a terrible violation of student trust. The damage he has done is unspeakable.

You can fight back. While Nagle has now been convicted, it’s unlikely that York County School of Technology will ever face criminal charges. Some families may be eligible to file a civil lawsuit, pursuing justice and financial compensation.

Our compassionate lawyers that represent campus sexual abuse victims are here to help. Learn more about your legal options in a free consultation. You can find more information on your rights at no charge and no obligation. Just contact our attorneys today.

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Former York Tech Teacher Convicted Of Molestation

A former teacher at York County School of Technology has been sentenced to prison time for allegedly assaulting students at the school in 2016. Kevin Nagle, 44, is was convicted of groping young students under the guise of measuring them for pants at the school’s store.

At least three alleged victims have been identified, though Nagle was only convicted on charges involving two of the students. Jurors at trial heard from a third victim who alleged similar misconduct. All three students told jurors that Nagle had touched their genitals. Prosecutors have also mentioned a fourth victim, but the young man was not allowed to testify at trial.

Reports suggest that Nagle was immediately suspended after the allegations were first made against him, but that he already tendered his resignation at the school to take another job.

Nagle Sentenced To Prison Time

Nagle was sentenced in York County Court on Monday, October 1, 2018 to a year minus two days to two years minus two days. He will spend his prison sentence in York County Prison, with three years of probation following his release. He was ordered to report to the prison on Thursday, October 4. He has also been ordered to register as a sex offender for 15 years.

Counts Of Institutional Sexual Assault & Indecent Assault

Jurors deliberated for two hours on July 20, 2018 before convicted Nagle on two counts of institutional sexual assault, two counts of corruption of minors and one count of indecent assault. The jury found that Nagle had touched the genitals of two 17-year-old boys under the guise of measuring them for pants. Nagle taught business classes at the school and managed its store – the Spart Mart. This occurred in the storeroom of the school store, reports suggest.

At trial, two school administrators testified that, in October 2016, Nagle was explicitly told not to touch students, “not to measure or fit students for clothing and to allow students to buy whatever sizes they chose,” according to the York Dispatch. There was no indication at trial to explain why school officials prohibited Nagle from touching children.

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Teacher Abused Position Of Authority

The two boys say they went to the school store to purchase shirts on different days. Students at York Tech are required to wear uniform shirts during school hours.

Both were attended by Mr. Nagle, who told the teens that their pants were baggy and offered to measure them for a better fit. The students say that Nagle measured their inseams “while they were naked from the waist down and that he touched their genitals while doing so,” the York Dispatch reports. One of the boys says Nagle pulled down his pants and underpants; the other boy told jurors that he wasn’t wearing underpants at the time.

The student who says Nagle pulled down his underpants also claims that the former teacher used hand sanitizer and paper towels to clean behind his scrotum. The boy also said that Nagle made him sit in his lap no fewer than five times. The next day, the teen claims, Nagle handed him five pairs of pants and a package of boxer shorts, then showed him how to “properly” wear boxers, during which he touched the student’s genitals again.

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