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Nixa, Missouri Junior High Asst. Principal Charged With Sexual Exploitation Of A Child

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41-Year-Old Colby Fronterhouse Employed At Nixa Jr. High At Time Of Alleged Offense

In late January of 2021, charges were filed in federal court by the Department of Justice against Colby Fronterhouse, the assistant principal at Nixa Junior High School, for sexual exploitation of a child with the purpose of producing child pornography. 

Court documents allege that Fronterhouse was pretending to be a 14-year-old girl when he texted a 13-year-old student victim identified in court documents only as "John Doe." The text message conversation, which took place in September of 2020, is reported to have gone on for about a week before the victim and his father reached out to the Christian County Sheriff's Office. Fronterhouse is believed to have obtained the 13-year-old boy's phone number from school records which he had access to.

At this time Abuse Guardian has not filed a lawsuit in this matter. Learn more about this and similar cases from our sexual abuse attorneys in Missouri.

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Fronterhouse's Home Searched By Investigators

One day prior to the charges being filed, a warrant was issued and a search of the alleged sexual perpetrator's home was completed. During the search, investigators found Fronterhouse's cell phone and were able to link the device to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) account used to mask his phone number's identity. An affidavit further states that the burner account used to communicate with the victim could be traced to Colby Fronterhouse.

Through text messages with the young male victim, Fronterhouse is alleged to have engaged in sexually explicit conversation. The Department of Justice also stated that "John Doe" was encouraged to send explicit images in specific poses via phone message. United States Assistant Attorney Stephanie L. Wan is currently prosecuting the case, though the investigation was also supported by the ICE Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Sexual Abuse Of School Students By Teachers & Administrators

Every weekday, loving parents entrust the care of their young children and teenagers to teachers and school administrators throughout the country. Most educators understand the considerable responsibility placed on their shoulders and perform their duties admirably. Terribly, other individuals placed in such positions of power will use it to sexually exploit unsuspecting students.

The criminal system is set up to investigate allegations and try criminals for crimes as deplorable as sexual abuse of a minor. However, just because perpetrators have been placed behind bars, it does not mean that victims and their families have been taken care of. In many cases, they haven't. Through a lawsuit, the civil justice system presents avenues for victims and their families to seek compensation for the damages they suffered.

Such legal claims aren't frivolous endeavors; in fact, filing a lawsuit for sexual abuse of a student by a school staff member can be a traumatizing experience. Yet, with the help of a dedicated, compassionate, and experienced legal support network, victims can be awarded the financial compensation they deserve, and which in many cases is necessary to pay for expensive physical and emotional treatment.

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Nixa Vice Principal Colby Fronterhouse Sexual Exploitation Of Child
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