Patients Call For OB-GYN, Dr. William David Moore, To Have Medical License Taken After Allegations of Sexual Assault

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OB/GYN Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient and Taking Pictures During Intimate Exams

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is seeking to strip Grant County OB/GYN Dr. William David Moore of his medical license after a woman accused the doctor of sexually assaulting her during an examination and taking photographs of her private area without her consent.

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The AG’s office has been investigating the matter since April 2022, when the woman, referred to as “Patient A” in the filing, filed a consumer complaint alleging the assault. Since the initial complaint, several other women have come forth alleging similar experiences with the doctor.

The AG’s office has submitted a Petition for Summary Suspension to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, which calls for an emergency hearing to suspend Dr. Moore’s license. “(Dr. Moore) represents a clear and immediate danger if allowed to continue to practice,” the AG’s office stated in their filing.

The AG’s office outlined several complaints from patients against the doctor:

Patient A, for example, reported that during her examination, Dr. Moore touched her privates in a manner she felt was sexual, performed an examination longer than normal to conduct, and asked her questions about her ability to pleasure herself.

Patients B and C were reportedly surprised to discover photographs of their privates in Dr. Moore’s records. They both said they didn’t give consent and weren’t even aware the photographs existed until the detective showed them to her.

In addition, a nurse employed at Marion General Hospital reported that she had heard from other nurses who worked with Dr. Moore that he “often had erections” while performing vaginal deliveries and would have assistants cover his lap.

The AG’s office said that more complaints continue to be submitted against Dr. Moore, and the investigation remains open, with investigators continuing to contact new witnesses and affected persons.

The Grant County Health Department released a statement in response to the allegations against Dr. Moore, saying, “The Grant County Health Department is aware of the allegations made against Dr. Moore, and we take them very seriously. We are cooperating with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office and will continue monitoring the situation closely.”

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Victims Sexually Assaulted By a Medical Professional Can Seek Justice

Victims of sexual assault have the right to seek justice for the harm they have suffered. This includes filing a lawsuit against negligent medical professionals and doctors' offices for failing to keep them safe during medical exams.

Medical professionals and doctors’ offices have a legal and moral duty to provide a safe and secure environment for patients. When these standards are not met, victims of sexual assault have the right to seek legal recourse by filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties. In these cases, courts will consider the extent of the harm suffered by the victim, the negligence of the medical professionals or doctor’s office, and the nature of the medical exam.

When someone has been a victim of sexual abuse at the hand of a doctor or medical professional, they should contact an experienced attorney for a free consultation to discuss their legal options. An experienced sexual assault lawyer can help victims and their families get compensation and the justice they deserve.


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