drinks that may contain a drugThere aren’t enough words in the human language to describe how horrific sexual assault is. The damage done to a victim isn’t just physical – they will sustain emotional and mental trauma that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Tragically, it’s not uncommon for those in a position of power to believe that they are “untouchable” and therefore can pursue a victim in any way they want. In the past, public perception and a fear of speaking up meant that many of these attackers went free simply because their victim was too afraid to name them.

Today, thanks to continued efforts to raise awareness and numerous support groups, many victims are speaking up immediately. That’s what recently happened in a case where a police officer clearly believed that he was above the law.

Cop Took Video On His Phone Of Attack

In August of 2016, the police officer, in regular street clothing, arrived at around 4:30 a.m. at an emergency room department. He brought with him a man who he told doctors had ingested too much alcohol and would need medical attention. The staff admitted the patient under the belief that he would need to be worked up and treated for alcohol poisoning.

However, once they had the man in an exam room he told his doctor that he had been raped – by the man who brought him in. It was pure luck that one of the security officers in the hospital had recognized the patient’s attacker as a police officer he had seen both on the job and also because just the day before, the officer had been involved in a fatal shooting that was highly publicized.

Investigation Reveals History Of Attacks

Despite his horrific ordeal, the victim was willing to talk to the police. He informed them and provided evidence that he had met his attacker online through Facebook. The two then proceed to meet at a bar, where he did consume several drinks.

While hanging out at the bar, the cop talked about his job and how he can do anything he wants without facing the consequences. Eventually, the two made it back to a house where the officer forced himself onto the victim despite repeatedly being told no.a phone with evidence on it

When investigating officers made their arrest and searched the defendant’s personal possessions, they discovered that he had taped the entire assault on his phone and that wasn’t the only assault he had evidence of.

Officers also found pictures of the man sexually touching another man who appeared to be unconscious. When they contacted this second victim, he indicated that he had no idea the incident happened and that all he remembered was grabbing a drink with the man, then suddenly waking up inside of the officer’s house, naked. At that time, the defendant informed him that his clothing had been removed because he had vomited all over them. Clearly, this wasn’t the case. The victim did inform officers that he did not consent to the events that took place.

In addition to this, they found that he had contacted numerous other men and offered to pay for sex. One of these men agreed and was paid on many occasions.

At this time the investigation is ongoing.

Victims Can Pursue Criminal Charges & Sexual Assault Lawsuits

It’s important to understand that every victim has several rights. First, they can choose to press charges against their attacker. While this is an excellent way to pursue justice and ensure that others don’t become victims, it doesn’t provide the victim with any compensation.

A civil lawsuit can provide the victim with the compensation they need to get the physical and emotional care they deserve.

Can A Victim Stay Anonymous?

Yes. When the complaint is filed, the plaintiff will be named as either Jane or John Doe. No one need fear being identified outside of a courtroom if they don’t wish to be.