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Sequel Youth and Family Services Lawsuit: Reports of Abuse

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Continue reading to learn more about the Sequel Youth & Family Services investigation.

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Child Abuse Attorney: Sequel Youth and Family Services Ignore Signs of Abuse

An NBC News investigation sorted through more than 10,000 pages and records from 14 states, and interviews with former Sequel residents and parents showing how Sequel became one of the largest behavioral health youth facilities in the United States. The company used marketing to secure state funding, despite government inspections flagging violations.

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The records revealed reports of child abuse and injury reports had been made to state agencies in Alabama, yet the facilities would still pass inspections.

Sequel Youth & Family Services specializes in treating children with mental disorders, intellectual disabilities and trauma, which makes these findings disturbing. The company cares for over 9,000 clients across the United States, including foster children, children in the state juvenile justice system, and children whose parents are unable to handle their behavior.

Allegations of Abuse at Sequel

Below are some of the allegations from victims, staff, and advocates which were shared during the NBC investigation and a report filed by the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program of what was seen at just one Alabama location:

  • Multiple children report being slammed to the ground and held facedown
  • One boy described his head being caught on a nail in the wall during a violent restraint
  • One boy with visible gashes to his head
  • Reports of being called names, threatened, and comments such as "you gonna go to jail"
  • Report of being in solitary confinement for 72 hours, with no access to a bathroom
  • Report of lack of access to medical treatment, dental treatment or eye care
  • Report of lack of access to clean drinking water
  • Lack of education, school work and career training
  • Filthy conditions and hazardous living conditions
  • Residents in inappropriate restraints without justification
  • Mold infestations
  • and even the death of one resident at a Michigan facility

Parents and adoptive parents have stated, "they come out worse than they were when they went in."

Parents, guardians, and the state expect these children to have positive peer culture, get back on track with school, and have intensive therapy. Instead, these children are suffering from abuse, and from the reports, Sequel isn't taking responsibility.

States To Sever Ties with Sequel Youth and Family Services

Multiple state departments have urged their respective states to cut ties with Sequel Youth and Family Services while some states have recently signed contracts, one in Alabama worth almost $13 million.

Ohio announced recently that it was forcing the Sequel Pomegranate location to relinquish its license to operate the treatment facility.

Michigan, Oregon, Washington, and California have also either shut the facilities or are ending their relationships with Sequel Youth and Family Services in wake of concern around the abuse.

If you have been abused at a Sequel Youth and Family Services facility, or a similar facility, contact our experienced team of attorneys today to learn more about your legal rights. You deserve to be heard and we believe you. Learn more about hospital sexual abuse lawsuits from our team of attorneys.

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