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Hi - I’m Paul. I am an experienced lawyer practicing in New Haven, Connecticut. I have a passion for handling complex cases and representing sex abuse victims. I hope to make a difference with the cases my team and I represent, and we look forward to helping you.
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Sex Abuse Attorney: Advocating for Victims in New Haven

Looking for a trusted sexual abuse lawyer in Connecticut? Look no further than Silver Golub & Teitell. With our empathetic and compassionate approach, we believe and support survivors of abuse. We offer free, confidential consultations and exclusively represent survivors of abuse. As proud members of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, a national alliance of sexual abuse attorneys, we are dedicated to seeking justice for our clients. Trust us to provide the legal support you need during this challenging time. Contact us today for a confidential consultation with our experienced sexual abuse lawyers.

"Our alliance has over 15 sexual abuse lawyers nationwide dedicated to helping survivors get justice" 
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Why Choose Our Sexual Abuse Law Firm in New Haven

Silver Golub & Teitell is a highly reputable and specialized law firm based in New Haven, CT that exclusively focuses on providing legal representation to survivors of sexual abuse. With a strong commitment to its core values of empathy, compassion, and dedication, this business stands out as an exceptional choice for individuals seeking professional assistance in navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding sexual abuse cases. Their team of experienced attorneys offers free, confidential consultations, ensuring clients feel safe and supported throughout the process. Notably, Silver Golub & Teitell is an esteemed member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, a national alliance comprising top sexual abuse attorneys. By choosing this firm, customers can rest assured that they will receive experienced counsel from professionals who genuinely believe and advocate for them.

Compassionate Legal Representation for Victims of Sexual Abuse

At Silver Golub & Teitell, we understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases. Our team of experienced lawyers is committed to providing compassionate legal support to survivors in New Haven, CT, and surrounding areas. With a proven track record of success, we are dedicated to helping victims seek justice and hold perpetrators accountable.

When it comes to sexual abuse cases, our firm recognizes the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for survivors. We handle each case with utmost care and empathy, ensuring that our clients feel heard and understood throughout the legal process. Our lawyers possess extensive knowledge of the laws pertaining to sexual abuse and are equipped with the skills necessary to navigate complex legal proceedings.

With Silver Golub & Teitell by your side, you can trust that your case will be handled with professionalism and sensitivity. Our commitment to providing free, confidential consultations allows survivors to explore their legal options without any financial obligations or pressure. We firmly believe in empowering individuals who have suffered from sexual abuse by offering them comprehensive legal guidance tailored to their unique circumstances.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse in New Haven, CT, turn to Silver Golub & Teitell for compassionate representation. Our team is here for you every step of the way as we work tirelessly towards achieving justice on your behalf.

Navigating the Complexity of a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Sexual abuse is a grave violation of an individual's rights and can cause significant physical and psychological harm. In such distressing situations, seeking legal experience becomes crucial to ensure justice for the survivor and hold the perpetrator accountable. A sexual abuse lawyer possesses specialized knowledge and experience in handling cases related to sexual assault, harassment, or misconduct. They are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate through complex legal systems, provide support to survivors throughout the legal process, and strive for just resolutions.

With their extensive legal experience, sexual abuse lawyers plays a pivotal role in advocating for survivors of sexual abuse. By thoroughly examining the circumstances surrounding each case, they can gather compelling evidence that strengthens the survivor's claims. This may involve collecting medical records, witness testimonies, or any other relevant documentation that substantiates the allegations. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to justice, these lawyers build strong cases that maximize the chances of obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients.

How to File a Sexual Abuse Claim in Connecticut

In addition to offering legal guidance, a sexual abuse lawyer provides unwavering support to survivors during their pursuit of justice. Recognizing the sensitive nature of these cases, they create an environment where survivors feel safe and empowered to share their experiences without fear of judgment or retribution. Through empathetic listening and effective communication skills, these lawyers establish trust-based relationships with their clients while ensuring confidentiality at all stages of the legal proceedings. This compassionate approach not only helps survivors find solace but also strengthens their resolve as they seek redress against those who have caused them harm.

The pursuit of justice is at the core of every sexual abuse case handled by a competent lawyer. Their ultimate goal is not only securing compensatory measures for survivors but also holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. By skillfully presenting arguments before judicial authorities or negotiating settlements on behalf of their clients when appropriate, these lawyers work tirelessly towards achieving fair resolutions that validate survivors' experiences and promote a safer society. The pursuit of justice in sexual abuse cases encompasses not only the immediate resolution for individual survivors but also the broader societal impact of deterring future instances of abuse and creating an environment where survivors are heard, believed, and supported.

Sexual Abuse Cases: Recognizing and Addressing the Trauma of the Victim

Sexual abuse in Connecticut, as elsewhere, is an egregious violation of an individual's rights. Many victims, whether they faced sexual assault or other forms of abuse, suffer long-lasting physical, emotional, and psychological consequences; for those who have been sexually abused or assaulted, seeking legal action becomes a path to pursue justice and hold the perpetrator or negligent parties accountable.

Understanding the depth of the trauma, a Connecticut sexual abuse lawyer or attorney steps in to provide invaluable support. These specialized attorneys comprehend the intricacies of each abuse case, including the complexities of the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. They also understand that many victims, especially those who suffered abuse as children, often grapple with when and how to come forward, especially given the potential expiration of the statute of limitation.

The significance of a sexual abuse attorney in Connecticut is manifold. They not only offer a confidential consultation but also represent the victim of sexual abuse or victim of sexual assault with the utmost professionalism, empathy, and dedication. For those who may feel overwhelmed or fear retraumatization, support from a law firm specializing in sexual abuse cases can be invaluable. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse or assault, it's crucial to contact us for a free consultation.

Moreover, these lawyers, often part of a specialized law firm, are well-versed in both federal and state-specific legislation governing sexual abuse and sexual assault offenses in Connecticut. They can help you understand your rights and the potential limitations for filing a claim, given when the abuse occurred. By collaborating with professionals like therapists or medical experts, they gather evidence to support abuse claims—enhancing their credibility in court.

For the many victims of sexual abuse and assault, the journey to healing and closure often involves holding sexual abusers accountable. Through criminal charges or civil claims, a sexual abuse lawyer in Connecticut can be a compassionate ally, empowering survivors every step of the way. So, if you're looking to take a step towards justice, schedule a free, confidential consultation—call us today.

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Sexual abuse is a deeply traumatizing experience that can have long-lasting consequences for survivors. In such cases, the importance of seeking legal representation cannot be overstated. A sexual abuse lawyer specializes in providing legal support and advocacy to individuals who have been victims of sexual assault or abuse. These professionals play a crucial role in ensuring justice, accountability, and compensation for their clients.

A sexual abuse lawyer possesses comprehensive knowledge of laws pertaining to sexual offenses and understands the complex legal processes involved in these cases. They provide guidance to survivors, assisting them in navigating through the intricate legal system while safeguarding their rights and interests. These attorneys are trained to handle sensitive matters with utmost sensitivity and empathy, recognizing the unique challenges faced by survivors as they seek justice.

By engaging a sexual abuse lawyer, survivors gain access to invaluable experience and resources that can significantly impact the outcome of their case. These lawyers meticulously gather evidence, interview witnesses, consult medical professionals, and work closely with law enforcement agencies to build a strong case on behalf of their clients. They skillfully negotiate with opposing parties or represent their clients in court proceedings if necessary. Additionally, sexual abuse lawyers offer vital emotional support throughout the entire process, ensuring survivors feel heard, empowered, and supported during this difficult journey.

In summary, engaging the services of a sexual abuse lawyer is not only essential but also provides survivors with an opportunity to seek justice and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. With specialized knowledge in this field combined with compassion and dedication toward supporting survivors, these attorneys play a pivotal role in helping individuals rebuild their lives after experiencing such trauma.

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