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"My name is Ervin, and together with my dedicated team of boarding school abuse lawyers in Illinois, we are committed to providing compassionate and skilled representation to individuals and families affected by the devastating consequences of boarding school abuse in IL. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in these cases, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of helping survivors and their families achieve the justice they rightfully deserve. We recognize that the path to healing and justice can appear overwhelming, but we want you to know that our team will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process. Our boarding school abuse attorneys in Illinois are devoted to offering unwavering support and guidance as we join you on this journey towards healing and vindication."
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At Coplan + Crane, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal representation to survivors of boarding school abuse in Illinois. Our experienced sexual abuse lawyers understand the complex emotions and challenges faced by survivors and are committed to helping them navigate the legal system to seek justice and healing. We believe that no survivor of sexual abuse or assault should face this battle alone, and we are here to be your advocates and allies every step of the way.

"Our alliance has over 15 sexual abuse lawyers nationwide dedicated to helping survivors get justice" 
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What To Know About Boarding School Abuse in Illinois

Boarding school abuse can occur in various forms, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Sexual abuse may involve inappropriate touching, forced sexual acts, or the sharing of explicit materials without consent. These traumatic events can have long-lasting effects on survivors, impacting their mental health, self-esteem, and ability to form healthy relationships.

In many cases, the institutions responsible for the safety and well-being of students may have failed to protect them from abusive staff members or fellow students. They may have also ignored or minimized reports of abuse, allowing the perpetrators to continue their harmful behavior. In such cases, the institution itself may be held liable for the abuse suffered by survivors.

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What Are Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Boarding Schools In IL?

Sexual abuse in boarding schools is a serious concern, and it is crucial for parents, teachers, and school administrators to be aware of the warning signs to protect students. While these signs may not always indicate abuse, it is essential to take them seriously and investigate further. Some of the signs of sexual abuse in boarding schools may include:

  1. Behavioral changes: Sudden and unexplained shifts in a student's behavior, such as increased aggression, withdrawal, depression, or anxiety, may indicate potential abuse.
  2. Academic performance: A noticeable decline in academic performance or loss of interest in schoolwork could be a sign of distress related to abuse.
  3. Fear or reluctance: If a student exhibits fear or reluctance to attend school, participate in certain activities, or be around specific individuals, it may be a sign that something is amiss.
  4. Physical symptoms: Unexplained injuries, bruises, or pain may be indicators of abuse. Additionally, symptoms such as difficulty walking or sitting, frequent urinary or yeast infections, and sexually transmitted infections should raise concern.
  5. Sexualized behavior: Engaging in age-inappropriate sexual behavior or using explicit sexual language may signal that a student has been exposed to sexual content or experiences.
  6. Sleep disturbances: Nightmares, bedwetting, or difficulty sleeping may be manifestations of trauma related to abuse.

Statute of Limitations to Report Boarding School Abuse in Illinois

It is crucial for child sexual abuse survivors in Illinois to be aware of the statute of limitations that governs their ability to seek justice. The statute of limitations establishes a time frame within which a survivor must file a boarding school abuse lawsuit against the responsible parties.

In Illinois, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit related to childhood sexual abuse is 20 years from the survivor's 18th birthday or within 20 years from the date the survivor discovers the abuse and its impact on their life, whichever is later. However, it is important to note that each case is unique, and certain factors may affect the applicable statute of limitations.

Our experienced Chicago sexual abuse lawyers can help you determine the time limits relevant to your case and provide guidance on the best course of action to ensure your right to pursue justice is protected.

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Boarding School Liability in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

At Coplan + Crane, we are dedicated to representing survivors of sexual abuse in public and private boarding schools in Illinois. Our compassionate and experienced attorneys understand the complexities of holding institutions accountable for their negligence or misconduct in such cases. We are committed to pursuing justice for survivors and ensuring that the responsible parties are held liable for the harm they have caused.

In many instances of sexual abuse in public and private schools, the institution itself may be held liable for failing to protect its students from incidents of sexual abuse. There are several ways in which a boarding school can be found legally responsible for the students who have suffered abuse:

Negligent hiring and supervision: A boarding school may be held liable if it is proven that the school hired or retained school teachers or even staff members with a history of abuse or failed to provide adequate supervision and training to prevent abuse from occurring.

Failure to report abuse: Illinois law requires educators and school administrators to report abuse allegations to the proper authorities if sexual abuse claims are reported. If a boarding school fails to report known or suspected abuse, it may be held accountable for its negligence.

Creating an unsafe environment: Boarding schools have a duty to provide a safe environment for their students. If the school's policies or procedures enabled an abusive situation or allowed child abuse to persist, the institution and/or school officials may be held responsible for any harm suffered by the students, and the sexual abuse victims may be entitled to financial compensation.

Breach of fiduciary duty: Boarding schools have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of their students. If the school breached this duty by allowing abuse to occur or by failing to address reported abuse, it may be held liable for damages.

How Coplan + Crane Can Help Boarding School Sex Abuse Survivors

At Coplan + Crane, our experienced sexual abuse attorneys are well-versed in handling boarding school sexual abuse cases in Illinois. We are committed to holding institutions such as prep schools and private schools accountable for their actions and helping survivors find the justice they deserve. Our legal services include:

  • Investigating the abuse and gathering evidence to support your claim
  • Identifying all potential sources of liability, including individual perpetrators, abusers and the institution itself
  • Negotiating settlements with responsible parties and their insurers
  • Representing survivors in court, if necessary, to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Providing compassionate support and guidance throughout the legal process

If you or a loved one has been a survivor of sexual abuse at a public or private boarding school in Illinois, you deserve justice and healing. Coplan + Crane is here to help you navigate the legal process with compassion and determination. We understand the sensitivity of these cases and will treat your case with the utmost discretion, ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times. To get information on how to file a civil lawsuit, contact our team of personal injury lawyers today.

Learn More About The Boarding Schools In Illinois

Below is a list of some boarding schools in Illinois. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, and the inclusion of a school in this list does not imply any history of abuse at that institution.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy: The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is a prestigious, public, residential high school for academically talented students in grades 10-12, located in Aurora, Illinois. Established in 1985, IMSA was created to foster and develop the intellectual potential of Illinois students interested in mathematics, science, and technology.

Lake Forest Academy: Lake Forest Academy is a prestigious coeducational boarding and day school located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Established in 1857 as a boys' preparatory school, it has since evolved into a leading institution that provides exceptional education for students in grades 9 through 12. Set on a picturesque 150-acre campus, the academy offers a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment for students from around the world.

St. Bede Academy: St. Bede Academy is a renowned coeducational Catholic high school in Peru, Illinois. Founded in 1890 by the Benedictine monks of St. Bede Abbey, the academy has a rich history of providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds in grades 9 through 12. Nestled on a scenic 700-acre campus, St. Bede Academy offers a supportive and faith-based learning environment that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and character development.

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart: Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart is a distinguished Catholic, independent, all-girls college-preparatory high school located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Established in 1858 by the Society of the Sacred Heart, the academy is part of a global network of Sacred Heart schools and is committed to empowering young women in grades 9 through 12. Set on a beautiful 41-acre wooded campus, Woodlands Academy provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically, spiritually, and personally.

It is essential to research and visit any boarding school you are considering to ensure that it is the right fit for your child and provides a safe and nurturing environment. If you have any concerns about a boarding school in Illinois, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced attorneys at Coplan + Crane for a confidential consultation.

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Phillips Academy, Andover, MA - Samuel Phillips Hall

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