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Sexual Trauma Therapy Resources 

At Abuse Guardians, we understand that the journey to recovery after experiencing sexual abuse is a deeply personal and challenging process. Every individual survivor experiences the aftermath of trauma in unique ways, each with their own distinct feelings, reactions, and pace of recovery. 

Our aim is to empower you to make informed decisions about your path to healing. Experienced sexual abuse attorney Reed Martins and Abuse Guardian recognize that the 'right fit' between a survivor and their therapist can significantly impact the therapeutic process following sexual abuse. Therefore, it's crucial you find a therapist who not only has the experience, but also embodies the empathy, understanding, and respect that aligns with your healing journey.

These professionals offer various therapeutic approaches tailored to address the complexities of sexual abuse trauma, helping survivors navigate through the intricate emotions and experiences tied to their trauma. Whether you're taking the first steps towards recovery or are further along in your journey, these therapists are here to provide the necessary support, guidance, and tools for healing and growth.

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Sexual Trauma Therapists in Kansas

Navigating through the journey of recovery after experiencing sexual abuse can be challenging, and finding the right therapist is a crucial step in this process. It is also important to remember that you are not obligated to stay with a therapist if you are not comfortable with them. It is okay to try out different therapists until you find one who is a good fit for you.

Some things to consider when choosing the right therapist as a survivor of abuse:

  • The therapist's experience and training in trauma. Make sure the therapist has experience working with abuse survivors. They should be able to understand the complex dynamics of abuse and how it can impact your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • The therapist's style and approach. Some therapists are more directive, while others are more non-directive. Some focus on talk therapy, while others use other techniques such as EMDR or CBT. Find a therapist whose style feels comfortable to you.
  • The therapist's personality and values. You should feel comfortable and respected by your therapist. They should be someone you can trust with your most personal thoughts and feelings.
  • The therapist's availability. Make sure the therapist's schedule works for you. You should be able to get an appointment when you need one.

Abuse Guardians has compiled the following list of local therapists who specialize in sexual trauma recovery in Kansas:

Counterpoise Wellness, LLC

8575 W. 110th St.

Suite 110

Overland Park, KS 66210

(913) 347-5220

Restoration Family Services

3450 N. Rock Road

Suite 405

Wichita, KS 67226

(316) 395-9433

Bloom Therapy, LLC

1029 N Rose Hill Road

Suite B

Rose Hill, KS 67133

(913) 347-4252

Counseling Associates of Overland Park, LLC

6240 W 135TH ST STE 200

Overland Park, KS 66223

(913) 721-4580

Additional Supportive Services

If you're in immediate need of support, please consider contacting the following hotlines:

As sexual abuse attorneys, we're ready to assist you in taking legal action against your abuser if you choose to do so. Our team at Monsees & Mayer, partnered with Abuse Guardians, is here to help.
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