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I am Aaron, a seasoned sexual abuse lawyer offering robust legal services in College Park, MD. Leveraging my comprehensive understanding of sexual abuse laws and years of experience, I stand firm in my commitment to advocate for survivors and ensure they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. Together with my dedicated team, we provide unwavering support and guidance, easing your journey through the legal process. As your trusted sexual abuse legal partner in College Park, MD, we are prepared and eager to assist with all your legal needs related to sexual abuse.
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How Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys Support Survivors Of Sex Crimes

Sexual abuse is a serious violation of an individual's rights and dignity. It encompasses a wide range of inappropriate behaviors, including sexual assault, molestation, harassment, and exploitation. In Maryland, victims have the right to seek justice and compensation for their emotional and physical suffering.

We are committed to ensuring survivors of sexual abuse are treated with the utmost respect, sensitivity, and confidentiality. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the complex legal landscape of sexual abuse and have a proven track record of success in achieving justice for our clients.

We provide comprehensive legal services for sexual abuse survivors, including counseling and representation, legal advice, assistance with restraining orders, and civil litigation for compensation.

"Our alliance has over 15 sexual abuse lawyers nationwide dedicated to helping survivors get justice" 
- Aaron Blank

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Statute Of Limitations In College Park, Maryland

The Maryland statute of limitations is the window of time during which a lawsuit can be filed in a court of law. In the context of sexual abuse, it sets the period within which survivors can seek justice against their perpetrators. In Maryland, the statutes of limitations for sexual abuse cases can be complex and depend on various factors, such as the age of the survivor at the time of the abuse and when they realized the harm caused by the abuse.

For civil cases involving child sexual abuse, Maryland law provides a more extended window for survivors to seek justice. Maryland law allows a survivor of child sexual abuse to file a civil lawsuit at any time. There's no statute of limitations. This law is based on the understanding that the effects of child sexual abuse often don't manifest until adulthood, and survivors may not even realize they were abused until many years later.

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However, for cases involving adult sexual abuse, the statute of limitations can vary. Generally, survivors have three years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit, but the specifics can be complex, and certain exceptions may apply.

Criminal statutes of limitations are separate and can also vary depending on the specifics of the crime. Some sexual offenses, such as rape and sexual abuse of a minor, have no statute of limitations for criminal prosecution in Maryland.

Given the complexity of the law, it's crucial for survivors to consult with an experienced sexual abuse lawyer who can provide guidance based on the specifics of their case and the most current laws.

How Is Child Sexual Abuse Defined?

Child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that involves an adult or an older adolescent engaging in sexual activity with a minor. It is a deeply troubling violation of a child's rights and can cause severe harm both physically and emotionally.

Child sexual abuse can take many forms and may include, but is not limited to:

  • Engaging in sexual acts: This includes any form of sexual contact between an adult and a child. It could involve touching, fondling, penetration, or forcing a child to perform sexual acts.
  • Exposure: This can involve showing a child pornographic materials, exposing an adult's genitals to a child, or forcing a child to undress or display their genitals.
  • Exploitation: This can involve using a child to create pornography or sexual trafficking where a child is sold or traded for sexual purposes.
  • Grooming: This is a manipulative process where an abuser gains a child's trust and breaks down their defenses, often with the intent of abusing them. This can include giving gifts, showing special attention, or even forming what appears to be a loving relationship.

It's important to understand that child sexual abuse is never the fault of the child. It is a gross misuse of power and trust by an adult or older adolescent. The effects can be devastating and long-lasting, often impacting a survivor into adulthood. For these reasons, swift reporting and intervention are critical, and therapeutic support is essential for recovery.

Other Types Of Sexual Abuse Cases Our Law Firm Handles

Sexual abuse is an umbrella term that covers various forms of violations. It involves any non-consensual sexual act or behavior perpetrated against someone without their voluntary consent. Here are some other types of sexual abuse cases:

  1. Sexual Assault: This typically refers to any sexual act committed without consent. It may involve physical force, violence, threat, or manipulation.
  2. Rape: This is a form of sexual assault but specifically involves non-consensual sexual penetration. Rape can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or age.
  3. Sexual Harassment: This involves unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects a person's employment, interferes with their performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.
  4. Incest: This involves sexual activity between family members or close relatives. This can include direct sexual contact, witnessing sexual acts, exposure to nudity, or suggestive behaviors.
  5. Sexual Exploitation: This is when a person uses another for their own sexual gratification or financial gain, such as in cases of human trafficking, prostitution, and the creation or distribution of explicit photos or videos without consent.
  6. Stalking or Cyberstalking: This involves unwanted and obsessive attention that makes a person fear for their safety. It can include online harassment or persistent following, watching, or making unwanted communication.
  7. Indecent Exposure: This involves exposing one's genitals or sexual acts to someone without their consent, often for the purpose of sexual gratification.
  8. Marital or Partner Rape: This is non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse or significant other. This type of sexual abuse is often overlooked but is just as serious and damaging as other forms.

Each of these cases is a serious violation, and individuals who have experienced such actions should consider seeking legal and psychological assistance to help them cope with and address their experiences.

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We understand that navigating the aftermath of sexual abuse can be an incredibly challenging time. Our team is here to help shoulder the burden, providing compassionate, confidential, and experience legal assistance to survivors in College Park, MD. You do not have to face this alone. Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and let us help you move forward in your journey toward justice and healing. We stand ready to fight for your rights, ensuring your voice is heard and recognized. Your cause becomes our cause – we're committed to turning the tide in your favor.

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