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I am Aaron, a highly skilled sexual abuse lawyer based in Odenton, MD. My primary focus is championing the rights of survivors of sexual abuse, utilizing my experience and specialized understanding of sexual abuse law. My unwavering commitment is to fight for justice and secure the rightful compensation that you deserve. Together with my dedicated team, we offer comprehensive guidance and unwavering support as you navigate the path towards justice with courage and determination. As your trusted legal advocate in Odenton, MD, we are ready to assist you with all your legal concerns related to sexual abuse, ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and representation.
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Our Experience in Sexual Abuse and Assault Cases in Maryland

As one of Odenton, Maryland's most trusted law firms, we specialize in supporting and advocating for victims of sexual abuse. Our empathetic, knowledgeable Maryland sexual abuse attorneys provide the highest level of legal guidance and personal support, ensuring that every individual we represent feels heard, respected, and empowered. We understand that it's your right to pursue justice, and we're committed to helping you reclaim your voice and dignity.

Our law firm boasts a track record of successfully supporting victims of sexual abuse in Odenton and throughout Maryland. We have decades of experience working on complex, sensitive cases like these, which require not only legal experience but also compassion and understanding. Our team specializes in:

  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Negotiation with defense teams
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Assistance in obtaining restraining orders
"Our alliance has over 15 sexual abuse lawyers nationwide dedicated to helping survivors get justice" 
- Aaron Blank

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Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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The Importance Of Seeking Legal Assistance From An Assault Lawyer in Odenton, MD

Choosing the right sexual abuse lawyer is crucial in obtaining justice and healing. Here’s why victims in Odenton, MD, and beyond trust us:

  • Compassionate representation: We approach every case with empathy and sensitivity. We understand the courage it takes to step forward and seek justice, and we honor that bravery by providing supportive, compassionate representation.
  • Legal advice: Our team of legal has the in-depth knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the complex legal process.
  • Results-oriented approach: We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and litigators who will fight diligently on your behalf.
  • Confidentiality: We understand the importance of privacy and discretion in sexual abuse cases. You can trust us to maintain strict confidentiality at all times.
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Empowering You: Understanding Your Rights as a Victim of Sexual Abuse

Knowledge is an essential tool for empowerment, particularly when navigating the aftermath of sexual abuse. We believe that understanding your rights is a critical step towards reclaiming control and pursuing justice. In the state of Maryland, victims of sexual abuse have several crucial rights, and it is our commitment to ensure that these rights are upheld.

The Right to Report

As a sexual abuse victim, you have the absolute right to report the incident to the local law enforcement authorities. It is their responsibility to investigate the crime, and they must do so in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. Remember, it is never your fault, and you should never be made to feel like it is.

The Right to Protective Measures

If you fear for your safety after an instance of sexual abuse, you have the right to seek a protective or peace order from the court. These orders can offer you legal protection by mandating the perpetrator to stay away from you and cease any form of harassment.

The Right to Compensation

Victims of sexual abuse have the right to pursue financial compensation for the damages they've suffered. These damages can include, but are not limited to, medical expenses for physical injuries, the cost of psychological counseling, lost wages due to missed work, and compensation for emotional distress and suffering.

The Right to Prosecute

The State of Maryland entitles victims to prosecute their offenders. By doing so, you can bring the perpetrator to justice and potentially prevent them from causing harm to others in the future. Understandably, this can be a daunting step, but our firm is here to guide and support you throughout the entire process.

The Right to Confidentiality

In the context of sexual abuse cases, confidentiality is paramount. As a victim, you have the right to keep your identity confidential during legal proceedings, with a few exceptions. Our team respects and understands this need for privacy, providing a safe and secure environment for all interactions.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Our experienced, compassionate legal team is here to support and empower you every step of the way, from understanding your rights to pursuing the justice you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions - The More You Know

What is the time limit for filing a sexual abuse lawsuit in Maryland?

There are specific statutes of limitations for filing a sexual abuse lawsuit in Maryland. It is essential to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss these deadlines.

What kind of compensation can I expect from a sexual abuse lawsuit?

Compensation for sexual abuse cases can vary widely depending on the specifics of the case. It can include damages for medical bills, therapy costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Supportive Local Resources for Sexual Abuse Survivors in Odenton, Maryland

The path to healing and justice after sexual abuse involves various forms of support, not just legal action. To aid in your journey, we've curated a list of valuable resources within and accessible to the Odenton, Maryland community. These organizations provide support, counseling, advocacy, and more to survivors of sexual abuse. Remember, you are not alone, and help is always available.

Anne Arundel County Crisis Response System

Providing 24-hour crisis hotline and mobile crisis team services, this organization is available to offer immediate assistance and counseling to those who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. They can also connect you with further support services.

Arundel House of Hope

Arundel House of Hope is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive support services to those in need, including victims of sexual abuse. Among their offerings are emergency, transitional, and permanent housing resources.

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA)

MCASA offers a broad range of resources for survivors of sexual assault, including a comprehensive directory of rape crisis and recovery centers throughout Maryland. Their services extend to legal advice, information dissemination, and victim advocacy.

HopeWorks of Howard County

HopeWorks, located in neighboring Howard County, extends their services to residents of Odenton as well. They offer a 24/7 helpline, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, and legal consultation for sexual abuse victims.

The Women's Law Center of Maryland

The Women's Law Center manages several hotlines for free legal advice, including the Family Law Hotline and the Employment Law Hotline. They can serve as a critical resource for victims of sexual abuse seeking justice.

Remember, reaching out is a sign of strength. These organizations are here to provide support, and our dedicated legal team stands ready to advocate for your rights and your path to recovery.

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