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The Virginia Abuse Guardian is Kevin Biniazan, Esq.

Hi - I’m Kevin. I am an attorney that is licensed to practice law in Virginia. My team has helped numerous sex abuse survivors obtain the compensation they deserve. I am looking forward to helping you find justice and guide you through your legal options.

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The Legal Team at Breit Biniazan Offers Clients A Way To Seek Justice Against Their Abusers

Our experienced sexual abuse law firm in Virginia provides verified client testimonials, helping you understand the unparalleled experience and compassion that defines Breit Biniazan's practice. Renowned for their diligent approach to fighting for the rights of victims, Breit Biniazan's team of seasoned lawyers has consistently been recognized for their dedication, strategic acumen, and commitment to securing justice for their clients. Peruse these reviews to see how their legal advocacy has made a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing the aftermath of sexual abuse.

"Get the justice you deserve with Breit Biniazan, a compassionate and experienced sexual abuse law firm serving Virginia. Schedule a free confidential consultation today and let us help you believe in your voice." - Kevin Biniazan, Esq.

Kevin Biniazan, Esq.

Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Breit Biniazan

600 22nd St, #402
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
R2X8+CP Virginia Beach, Virginia

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My experience with Breit Biniazan and his team was very positive. They were very helpful, were always available, took time to explain the process, and answer any questions I had. A special thanks to Kellie for all her support and efforts. I always felt she was on my side and looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend Mr. Binazan and his team and would not hesitate to use their services should the need arise. - Mark T.

Excellent quality service; Kevin will do an amazing job for you and your case. Very satisfied with my experience. - Morris B.

This law firm was highly recommended by a friend who had prior representation. I am very pleased with their professionalism and they kept me well informed of my injury case. Attorney Kevin Biniazan and his team fought well for my rights and I received an extremely good settlement. I encourage you to give them a call as you will have a pleasant experience with their representation! - Scott S.

Kevin and his team were very professional and personable! They were very knowledgeable with my case. I feel like I have made some great new friendships. Thank you guys! - Sharon D.

I had the misfortune of having my car totaled during the start of the pandemic. As you could imagine it was a stressful and painful event. With businesses changing to meet the requirements of COVID-19 restrictions, I would like to commend this team of professionals for maintaining the quality of the service they provide. My entire claim was handled while upholding social distancing guidelines. I had regular communication with Kellie and Kevin from start to finish. I could email at anytime and got a response within hours. Phone calls were always scheduled at my convenience and upheld just as a physical appointment would. Without this team, I don’t know if I would’ve had the same success pursuing a settlement offer that best repaid the injury and inconvenience the car accident caused. Thank you Breir/Cantor attorney group!! - Danielle P.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 Attorney Kevin Biniazan helped me with a personal injury case. Aside from the professionalism and attentiveness one would expect from a quality law firm such as Breit Cantor Grana Buckner, I was taken by the fact that they agreed to take my case on a contingency basis, even though there was little evidence in my favor in the early stages of preparation. This meant the world to me. It meant that they believed in me, and my case, when two other firms declined to take the case. In late 2020 the case settled out of court and I received a substantial monetary award that exceeded my expectations. Thank you Kevin, and all your support staff for believing in me when many others did not!!!! - Mark G.

Was very happy with the service I received from this office Staff is very helpful & friendly. After just a few months my case was resolved & my outcome was better than expected! Kellie Jennings kept me up to date and informed through it all. I have another pending case & have no reservations that the outcome will be as good as the first. I would recommend to family & friends. - Cobi M.

Working with this law firm made settling my case a breeze! When i was injured in my car accident and my car was totaled, I was so worried about handling the insurance company and all of the phone calls and paperwork while i had a concussion. With a couple visits and a few emails back and forth with my paralegal and attorney, my case was settled in less than a year! If I ever needed to be represented again I will 100% be choosing Breit Cantor Grana Buckner to represent me! I appreciate everything they did for me! - Sarah J.

My case was small, but it was handled with the care one would expect to be given to a multimillion-dollar settlement. The professionalism, intelligence and kindness of everyone in the firm far surpassed my expectations. Jeffrey Breit and Kevin Biniazan are truly the A Team! - George D.

Amazing people very personable I felt Eddie's the moment I walked into their office all the way throughout the long and arduous and at some time very confusing case I highly recommend not only bright contour but Justin Sheldon. - Tim H.

Had an amazing experience with this company. They helped me every step of the way when I had to go to court for a accident I was in. They are really personable and go above and beyond in customer service. - Stephanie W.

GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! ... you can not go wrong with this firm backing you!... Thanks for everything! - Cordrette T. 

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