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Meet Illinois Sex Abuse Lawyer: Brian Kent, Esq.

Mr. Kent is a partner at Laffey Bucci & Kent, LLP. As a former sex crimes prosecutor, Mr. Kent has worked with survivors of sexual abuse for his entire career. He now leads a team of former sex crimes prosecutors who only represent survivors of sex abuse, sexual assault and sex trafficking in civil cases. Mr. Kent is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

A neurologist in Warrenville, Illinois has been charged on two counts of misdemeanor battery in connection to the sexual assault allegations of a patient. Dr. Henry Echiverri is accused of touching a female patient below her underwear during an examination in January 2018, according to the Daily Herald.

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Were you or a loved one assaulted by Dr. Henry Echiverri? Our dedicated personal injury attorneys are here to help. We believe you. You are not alone. Thanks to Illinois' strong tradition of civil law, you may be eligible to pursue a private civil lawsuit, both against Dr. Echiverri and the medical practices where he worked. You have powerful legal options at your disposal.

Edward Neurosciences Institute

Dr. Henry Echiverri was arrested on November 29, 2018 after one of his patients submitted a sexual assault complaint to the authorities. In her report, the woman accused the neurologist of touching her bare skin below the waistline during an examination. She says the doctor "hugged and kissed" her at the end of the appointment.

At the time of the alleged assault, Dr. Echiverri practiced medicine out of the Edward Neurosciences Institute in Warrenville and Yorkville, as well as Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. He also practices at Edward-Elmhurst Hospital. Despite the allegations against him, Edward-Elmhurst Hospital has chosen to allow Dr. Echiverri to continue practicing medicine out of their facility. The hospital says there have been no other reports of misconduct against the neurologist during his 28 year tenure at the center. He has been removed from the website for Northwestern Medicine.

At least one woman has come forward to accuse Dr. Echiverri of misconduct, but authorities believe that additional victims may have yet to step forward. In light of these troubling allegations, our compassionate attorneys have opened a full investigation into the alleged misconduct of Dr. Henry Echiverri. If you or a loved one were assaulted, we can help.

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AbuseGuardian.com is sponsored by a nationwide network of experienced sex abuse attorneys who have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors. Our only goal is to ensure that justice is done. Thanks to the work of Illinois prosecutors, Dr. Echiverri is being held accountable in the criminal justice system, but civil action may also be possible. In a private civil lawsuit, you can pursue valuable financial compensation to support your ongoing recovery.

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Our team includes multiple former sex crimes prosecutors. Our sexual assault litigation team is led by Brian Kent, Esq., a former Assistant District Attorney for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office Sex Crimes Unit. During his tenure as a sex crimes prosecutor, Brian gained invaluable experience in the criminal justice system, where he worked every day to promote the rights of sexual assault survivors and hold dangerous sexual predators accountable.

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Our attorneys understand the painful emotions caused by sexual assault. You may be struggling to handle feelings of shame and anger, fear and anxiety. These are natural reactions to a terrible trauma. Please know that you did nothing wrong. This was not your fault. You were taken advantage of by someone in a position of trust and authority. You were wronged.

Thankfully, you can fight back. Illinois's tradition of civil law allows you to pursue financial compensation and accountability from the responsible parties. You can file a lawsuit, but time may be limited. To learn more about your legal options, contact our experienced attorneys for a free, confidential consultation. Our only goal is to ensure that your rights are protected. Our payment system is structured to reflect this fact. Our attorneys offer their services on a contingency-fee basis, which means that you owe us nothing until we secure compensation in your case. If we don't win, you don't pay.

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