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Were you or a loved one sexually assaulted by Luis Silverio, a nursing assistant at Glendale’s Griffith Park Health Care Center? Our dedicated California sexual abuse attorneys are here to help.

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Bobby Thompson, Esq. California Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Meet Our Sexual Abuse Lawyer For California: Bobby Thompson, Esq.

Mr. Thompson is the managing partner of Thompson Law office. He was licensed to practice law in California in 2007. Mr. Thompson is a member of the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association, Consumer Attorneys of California, American Association For Justice, and the San Mateo Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Thompson only represents survivors of sexual abuse and currently represents clients who allege their sexual abuse or assault was caused by the negligence of others.

A certified nursing assistant at Griffith Park Health Care Center in Glendale, California is facing charges of rape in relation to an alleged sexual assault at the facility for dependent adults. Luis Silverio, 25, was arrested on February 28, 2019. He is believed to have raped a person incapable of providing legal consent because of a mental, developmental, or physical disability.

Legal Help For Victims Of Luis Silverio

Were you or a loved one assaulted by Luis Silverio at Griffith Park Health Care Center? Our experienced California sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. You are not alone. We believe that your family deserves justice. Thankfully, Luis Silverio is being held to account through the criminal justice system, but civil action may also be possible.

Griffith Park Health Care Center

Under California’s strong tradition of civil law, sexual assault survivors have the right to pursue financial compensation by filing a private civil lawsuit. If you or a loved one were abused by Luis Silverio, your family may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Silverio and the Griffith Park Health Care Center. This is your right as a resident of California.

Authorities say Silverio victimized a woman in her 50s who is a patient at Griffith Park Health Care Center. The woman is considered a “dependent adult.” Police were first informed of the situation after the victim told her doctor about a problem with her “private parts.” Thankfully, the doctor reported his concerns to the local police department and an investigation started.

Glendale Nursing Assistant Arrested For Sexual Assault

According to Sergeant Dan Suttles, Silverio would allegedly “allude to the fact that he wanted to have sexual encounters” with the woman prior to the alleged assault. “She finally gave into his request a few days prior to his arrest,” Suttles told reporters at the LA Times.

Following his arrest, Luis Silverio told police that he had not assaulted the woman because she had provided her consent to the encounter. But Sergeant Suttles argues that, because the alleged victim was a dependent adult, she could not legally provide consent in such a manner. At this point, there do not appear to be other victims involved in the matter.

When pressed for comment, an administrator for Griffith Park Health Care Center who declined to provide his name said he could not discuss the allegations against Silverio because he was new to the health care facility. It’s currently unknown how long Silverio worked at the center or whether he remains an employee at Griffith Park.

This is not the first time Griffith Park Health Care Center has come under fire for allegations of sexual abuse. In fact, state records show that over the past five years, the center has received at least seven complaints of patient sexual abuse.

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