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Were you or a loved one sexually assaulted by a police officer or other member of law enforcement? You are not alone. We are here to help.

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We believe you. Some assault survivors may be eligible to secure justice by filing a private civil lawsuit. Find more information today by contacting us for a free consultation.

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Law enforcement officials who commit heinous crimes must be held accountable.

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Where you or a loved one sexually assaulted by a member of law enforcement? You have powerful legal rights. Sexual assault is unacceptable no matter who commits the crime. When police officers violate their sworn duty to protect us, they must be held accountable. You can fight back. You can recover from this trauma. Sexual assault need not define your life.

Your Legal Rights As A Sexual Assault Survivor

You are stronger than what happened to you. We understand that standing up to a member of the police can seem terrifying. You may fear private or professional repercussions. You are protected by the law. No one is above the law.

Police Officers In Street

No police officer should be allowed to mistreat the citizens he or she is bound to protect. You were wronged in a horrendous way. We believe you deserve justice. Our experienced sexual assault attorneys have already helped countless sexual assault survivors pursue justice, accountability and financial compensation by filing private civil lawsuits.

Sexual assault is a severe trauma, one that can cause serious harm, both short- and long-term. You deserve to have strong support, an advocate with your best interests at heart. Our experienced sexual assault attorneys can help. We believe you, and we believe your story deserves to be told. You can raise your voice and share your story.

You may be struggling with powerful and painful emotions. Sexual assault survivors often struggle to handle feelings of anger and shame, depression and sadness, fear and embarrassment. Please know that this was not your fault. You did nothing wrong. If you did not consent to sexual activity, you were assaulted. Your trust was violated.

What happened to you is reprehensible. As a society, we cannot tolerate police officers who victimize the very citizens they are sworn to protect. Law enforcement officials who exploit their positions of trust and authority to commit sexual assault are responsible for a vicious crime. There is no excuse.

How To File A Civil Lawsuit

You have powerful legal options. If you were sexually assaulted by a police officer, you may be eligible to pursue a civil lawsuit to hold the officer, his or her supervisors and the police department accountable for what happened to you. Law enforcement authorities must answer for the harm caused by officer sexual assault. You can force them to take responsibility.

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Financial Compensation

Some sexual assault survivors may be eligible to pursue financial compensation. While it may be painful, think back to all you have lost because of being sexually assaulted. You may have suffered personal injuries, and incurred medical expenses. You may have lost time at work, or still be unable to work. You may be going to ongoing counseling to recover from your trauma.

Think about non-tangible things, too. You were victimized, but you can become a survivor. Even so, you have experienced pain and significant suffering. You may be fearful of people, experiencing anxiety or depression. Financial compensation can help support you as you recover and deal with these ongoing problems.

Was the police officer who assaulted you caught and charged with a crime? Are you currently pressing charges against him or her? These are essential steps, but the criminal justice system can close ranks around its own, erecting a "blue shield" to protect dangerous sexual predators. While this behavior is unacceptable, it is an unfortunate fact of the world.

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Civil litigation provides a second avenue for legal recourse. In pressing criminal charges, you must rely on the decisions of other police officers and prosecutors. It can be hard to secure justice, but with a civil lawsuit, you take control of the situation. Your lawsuit is your own. You make the important decisions. We work for you. We protect you, and no one else.

Learn more about your legal options today in a free consultation. Our compassionate attorneys strive to maintain the utmost confidentiality in all of our consultations. Your information will be kept completely private. Don't hesitate to contact us. Legal time limits may restrict the amount of time you have to file suit. We are here for you, whether you want to learn more about your rights or just need someone to talk to. Speak to a dedicated attorneys now at no cost and no obligation.

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