A North Texas gymnastics coach has been arrested in Indiana on sexual abuse charges, USA Today reports. Skipper “Skip” Glenn Crawley was wanted on suspicion of sexually abusing 3 young girls at a Fort Worth gymnastics club, Sokol Gymnastics. He is facing extradition back to Texas on one charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child and two charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Update – September 25, 2015 – Skip Crawley Faces New Sex Abuse Charges In Oklahoma

Skip Crawley, who has been jailed in the Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, now faces a fresh set of charges in Oklahoma. On Thursday, September 6, 2018, prosecutors in Oklahoma charged Crawley with 10 counts of lewd molestation of a child. Authorities say Crawley abused several young girls during the early 90s, preying on gymnasts at Tulsa World of Gymnastics, an elite club he coached at starting in 1993. During his time in Oklahoma, Crawley also served as an assistant gymnastics coach at the University of Oklahoma. Whether or not Crawley will be extradited to Oklahoma is unknown. Also unknown is whether Crawley has been accused of sexually abusing any students on the university campus.

Former Sokol Gymnastics Coach Accused Of Child Sex Abuse

The initial youth sports sexual abuse accusations against Crawley surfaced in April 2018. He was banned from membership in USA Gymnastics shortly thereafter. Since his time at Sokol, Crawley appears to have been working as a trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Gymnast On Balance Beam

Reports suggest that Crawley had at least 3 victims during his 1-year tenure at Sokol Gymnastics, a gymnastics club in Fort Worth. His victims allegedly ranged in age from 8 to 13.

Crawley Arrested As Fugitive In Indiana

Crawley was taken into custody by a team from the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force just outside Indianapolis. It’s unclear how long Crawley remained a fugitive from justice, but posts on his Facebook page show him to have been in Arlington, Texas as late as July 31, just one day prior to his arrest in Indiana. It is currently unknown whether or not Crawley had deeper connections in Indiana, or whether he taught at a gymnastics club there.

Sokol Gymnastics has retained Russ Prince, a Florida-based attorney, as legal counsel. In statements to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Prince said the club believes all 3 of Crawley’s alleged victims played on the same team. Prince says Sokol immediately forwarded the complaints against Crawley to the police and USA Gymnastics, the national governing body that controls Olympic-track gymnastics in America.

Attorneys Launch Full Investigation

In the wake of these shocking revelations, many parents in the Fort Worth-area are looking for answers. How could this have happened? Why wasn’t the gymnastics coach caught before he could allegedly victimize more gymnasts? Could something have been done to stop this? Our attorneys have opened a full investigation into this case to get to the bottom of these and other questions.

The attorneys at Abuse Guardian have helped numerous families pursue legal justice in the wake of child sexual abuse. Led by Brian Kent, a former sex crimes prosecutor for the Montgomery County Sex Crimes Unit in Pennsylvania, our attorneys have the experience and skill required to vigorously prosecute these cases. Our focus is on helping survivors and their families recover with confidence, both spiritually and financially.

Considering A Sex Abuse Lawsuit

We understand that the idea of pursuing civil litigation can be difficult to stomach. Why put your family through the stress and frustration of a lengthy court case? We believe that civil justice is the only way to make families truly whole after a horrific violation of trust. In many cases, it’s also the only way to hold responsible parties accountable.

If you have information relevant to our investigation of Skip Glenn Crawley and Sokol Gymnastics, we urge you to contact our experienced attorneys today. You can learn more about your legal options at charge and no obligation in a free consultation.