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The Franklin Club Inn

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Founded in 1902 by nine cultural leaders, The Franklin Inn Club was created as a place for members to gather amongst dining and good conversation. In 1907, the club moved to its now current location, a charming, quiet corner street located in Philadelphia. 

The club initially only allowed published writers and illustrators to be members but soon expanded its membership to novelists, poets, journalists, and scholars. Eventually, the club welcomed members in many other fields of interest, such as education, political affairs, the arts, science, history, law, economics, and medicine.

The Clubhouse

The cozy haven is located on “The Avenue of the Artists” named because of the many local art clubs in the area. Designed by the club’s architect, Francis G. Caldwell, the clubs interior and ambiance was inspired by the noted Tavern Club of Boston.

Most of the clubs’ programs that are hosted can be found on the second floor of the inn. The art collection can be found there, too, along with the ever-growing library. The main feature of the inn is the marble fireplace from S. Weir Mitchell’s former home on Walnut Street, with large comfortable sofas and chairs places around.

The Clubhouse is available for members’ to host private parties and is available for non-members to rent.


Memberships are welcome to all interested in Philadelphia’s literary, artistic or intellectual life. To apply, interested candidates and asked to provide a curriculum vitae or résumé for consideration by the membership committee.

A sponsoring member is suggested to write a letter of recommendation for the possible candidate, which will then be evaluated by the committee within ten days before the final votes are cast.

For more information, visit their site online or contact the membership chairman for details.

Located near the clubhouse, members often host larger events at the local Convention Center, visit our page to learn more.

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