Stockton, MO - An Additional Nine Lawsuits Filed Against Agape Boarding School For Boys Alleging Disturbing Abuse

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Cedar County Boarding School Facing Nine More Lawsuits

According to KY 3, more victims have filed lawsuits alleging abuse endured at Agape Boarding School located at 12998 E 1400 Rd, Stockton, MO 65785. 

A History of Disturbing Abuse

Another victim described his experiences while a student at the all-boys private boarding school. He recalled hearing the "blood-curdling screams from the kids downstairs in the restraining room." For years, he suffered at the hands of school staff and other students. Abuse that included sexual abuse, physical abuse, and even being starved. Despite many victims' pleas for help, all reports were pushed under the rug. "They broke us," the victim explained as he spoke of letters written to his family back home that included passages of how he wished he were dead.

A victim told KSDK how at 14, he was forced to move large rocks and heavy lumber from one pile to another for long hours. He now deals with the physical scars that have prevented him from keeping a job at the age of 36. 

Even a former math teacher at the school said that he left due to the abuse he witnessed from 2012 to 2015. Despite his efforts to report the abuse to federal, state, and local authorities, no investigations were conducted. 

Read about previous charges filed against the boarding school:

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More Victims Seeking Justice

Attorney Reed Martens of Monsees & Mayer P.C. represents several of the victims filing lawsuits against the private all-boys Agape Boarding School. As nine more lawsuits have been filed, bringing the total to 14 cases alleging abuse at the hands of the school staff and students, more have gained the courage to come forward with their own experiences.

"The safety of children should be the main priority for any educational institution. If this responsibility of care is disregarded, students can be put at risk. As more victims continue to come forward retelling their stories of emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, we can see how intense neglect has affected their lives. The school and its employees should be held accountable for turning a blind eye to ongoing abuse."

"Too many reports of abuse were ignored or covered up, allowing the alleged abuse to continue for decades. It is critical that the proper authorities thoroughly investigate educational institutions of all types to ensure the safety of the children is taken seriously. As more information becomes available, we see how poor regulations on boarding schools can affect the well-being of the children enrolled in these residential settings."

Victims continue to come forward to have their voices heard. While these lawsuits may not take back the suffering, they can help to prevent schools and school staff from victimizing more innocent children. If you or your child suffered abuse while a student at the Agapè Boarding School, our team of compassionate lawyers is here to help you get the justice you deserve.


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