An Early History of Easton, Pennsylvania

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History of Easton

Easton is a city in Pennsylvania. As the county seat of Northampton County, it is situated at the confluence of the Lehigh River and the Delaware River. It is the easternmost and smallest city of the Lehigh Valley region. The area was once referred to as "Lechauwitank," which means "The Place at the Forks," by the Lenape (Delaware) Native Americans. It was acquired by the Penn family from the Delawares in the Walking Purchase. Thomas Penn proceeded to set aside 1,000 acres of land to form a town at the present site of Easton. When the area was settled in 1739 by Europeans and founded in 1752, it was named Easton at Penn's request. The town also became the county seat of Northampton County, which was being formed at the same time.

During the French and Indian War, Easton was the site where the British colonial government and the Native American tribes of the Ohio Country signed the Treat of Easton. The town was also an important military center in the American Revolutionary War. It was one of the first three places where the Declaration of Independence was read. It is said that the municipal flag of Easton was flown during the reading.

In the 1800s, Easton was a major commercial center and transportation hub for the eastern steel industry. The Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad and the Lehigh Valley Railroad (the Black Diamond Line) were built in the late 1860s to increase traffic through the canals and provide passenger travel services. Passenger trains would run twice a day to and from Buffalo, New York, and New York City. As automobiles were invented and rose in the mid-1900s, East lost its prominence in passenger train transportation. Today, the Lehigh Line – the mainline of the Lehigh Valley Railroad – is the only major rail line going through the city.

Easton is divided into four sections: Historic Downtown, The West Ward, The South Side, and College Hill. It has a total area of 4.7 square miles. 4.3 square miles of which is land, and 0.4 square miles is water. The city has a population of 26,800 people as of the 2010 census.

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Centre Square

Centre Square is the heart of downtown Easton. Located at the roundabout of North 3rd Street, South 3rd Street, and Northampton Street, the town square is known as the "Circle" by locals. It features the Soldiers & Sailors' Monument and the Peace Candle. The Soldiers & Sailors' Monument is a memorial for veterans in the Easton area who were killed during the American Civil War. The Peace Candle is a 106-foot candle structure that is assembled and disassembled every year in mid-November and early February, respectively. Situated on top of the Civil War monument, it is lit the week Thanksgiving weekend through the Christmas season.

Lafayette College

Lafayette College was established by James Madison Porter and other Easton citizens in 1826. The private liberal arts college was named after the hero of the American Revolution, General Lafayette. Located on College Hill in the city of Easton, it is considered to be one of the northeastern Little Ivies and a Hidden Ivy. The school requires its students to live on campus unless they have been otherwise approved for off-campus housing. It offers 37 Bachelor of Arts degrees and 14 Bachelor of Science degrees.

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