Syracuse Catholic Diocese Releases List Of Accused Clergy

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Officials for the Diocese of Syracuse have released a list of 57 priests credibly accused of sexual abuse. Similar lists have been released by dioceses around the country. The Syracuse list includes 57 clergy members, including 38 who are reported to have died. None are active in the ministry. Allegations go back to the 1950s, the Binghamton Press reports.

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Syracuse Diocese Publishes Names Of Accused Priests

Bishop Robert Cunningham of the Syracuse Diocese originally refused to publish such a list, but ultimately relented. "Upon serious reflection and prayer, I have concluded that this practice has become a roadblock to moving our local Church forward," he said, taking the lead from dioceses across the nation that are committing themselves to greater transparency.

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In February 2018, Bishop Cunningham established the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program to pay out compensation claims to around 70 sexual abuse survivors who were abused by around 40 priests. Settlements are being funded through the diocese's liability insurance fund. The diocese has sent 84 claims packets to people so far.

Since the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program was founded, the Diocese of Syracuse has received new allegations of childhood sexual abuse. Bishop Cunningham is considering an expansion of the compensation program to account for these new cases.

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The List Of Priests Credibly Accused Of Sexual Abuse

The full list can be found below:

  • Thomas Bayley - deceased
  • Robert Birchmeyer - removed from ministry
  • Paul Brigandi - deceased
  • John Broderick - removed from ministry
  • Robert Bogan - deceased
  • Roger Bowen - deceased
  • Daniel Casey - deceased
  • Felix Colosimo - deceased
  • Donald Crosby - deceased
  • John Donovan - deceased
  • Edmund Durr - removed from ministry
  • Charles Eckermann - deceased
  • Francis Furfaro - deceased
  • Luke Gallagher - deceased
  • Bernard Garstka - deceased
  • Donald Gorman - deceased
  • Thomas Guyder - deceased
  • John Harrold - dismissed from clerical state
  • Ferdinand Hattala - deceased
  • James Hayes - removed from ministry
  • Edgar Holihan - deceased
  • Edward Humphrey - deceased
  • Donald Hebert - removed from ministry
  • Leo Heizman - deceased
  • David Jutton - deceased
  • Edward Kieley - deceased
  • Thomas Keating - deceased
  • Robert Kloster - removed from ministry
  • C. Vincent Lane Jr. - removed from ministry
  • Steven Litz Jr. - deceased
  • William Lorenz - removed from ministry
  • William Lynch - deceased
  • Edward Madore - laicized
  • George Mattice Jr. - removed from ministry
  • John McCarthy - deceased
  • Chester Misercola - removed from ministry
  • William Morris - deceased
  • John "Jack" Morse - deceased
  • Thomas Neary Jr. - deceased
  • Robert Ours - removed from ministry
  • Thomas Powell - deceased
  • Joseph Pace - laicized
  • David Pichette - dismissed from clerical state
  • Albert Proud - removed from ministry
  • Edward George Quaid - deceased
  • James A. Quinn - removed from ministry
  • James F. Quinn - deceased
  • Francis Sammons - deceased
  • Walter Sinnott - deceased
  • H. Charles Sewall - deceased
  • Paul Slavetskas - deceased
  • Martin Tracy - deceased
  • David Walker - deceased
  • John Wagner - removed from ministry
  • Jerome Weber - removed from ministry
  • Thomas Zedar - deceased
  • John Zeder - deceased
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