After publishing a four-year study in the Phi Delta Kappan education journal, Charol Shakesshaft, a professor at Hofstra University stated “Sex between teachers and students is much more common than people are willing to acknowledge.” and given recent reports, it would appear that she and her study are correct.

Texas Sets Disturbing Record

Beginning in 2009, the Texas Education Agency started tracking reported cases of inappropriate teacher-student relationships. Their most recent report, which covers the fiscal year of 2015-2016 has left parents and lawmakers classroom where a teacher assaulted a studentdeeply disturbed.

From the previous year, the number of reported inappropriate relationships grew by more than 35% from the year before with a total of 222 cases. In fact, the agency has found growth each year, with this last year showing the largest increase.

In addition to this, Texas has the largest number of inappropriate relationships overall, more than any other state. But that doesn’t mean that students in other states are safe.

Recent Reports Of Teacher-Student Relationships

Tragically it seems like a rare week when there isn’t a report of an inappropriate teacher-student relationship being discovered. Just recently, the following have been brought to light:

Florida Teacher Seduces Student

According to the Huffington Post, a 32-year-old teacher has been arrested for having sex with her 14-year-old student. The two started a relationship after the boy wrote his cell phone number on the chalkboard for a fellow student to use. A few days later, he received a text from his teacher, not the student. The two continued to talk and eventually met in a secluded area in the teacher’s car where they had sex for the first time.

Iowa Math Teacher Arrested For Affairs With Multiple Students

After a student confided in a friend, police arrested a 24-year-old high school teacher with four counts of sexual inappropriate teacher - student relationship in classexploitation by a school employee. According to criminal court records, she admitted that she texted four students naked pictures of herself, performed oral sex on three of them, and had sex with one.

Pennsylvania Teacher Arrested For Relationship With Student

A 28-year-old teacher was fired and arrested for having sex with her 16-year-old student in a park in the spring of 2017.

There is no excuse for crossing the line into a sexual relationship with a student and at Abuse Guardian, we believe that the survivors of this type of assault deserve to be compensated.

Criminal Charges & Civil Lawsuits

In many cases, the survivors of sexual abuse choose to pursue legal action and press criminal charges against the person who caused them harm. But often they aren’t aware that they typically have another legal avenue open to them – a civil lawsuit.

A sexual assault lawsuit can provide the victim with monetary compensation which can help them get the medical care and emotional therapy that is often required but can be difficult to afford. While our law firm recognizes there is no sum that can change the past, we hope that we can help our clients build a better future.

Can I File A Lawsuit At The Same Time As The Criminal Charges?

Yes – these two cases are completely separate and can occur at the same time.

If I Am An Adult But Was Harmed By A Teacher In The Past, What Are My Options?

While it always possible to speak out and let others know what happened so that others may be saved from a sexual predator, it may not be possible to take legal action. In each state, a statute of limitations dictates how long a victim has to file a lawsuit. You can learn more about the statutes of limitations for your state here.