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The Best Museums in Center City, Philadelphia

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This article on the best museums to check out in Center City Philly is presented on behalf of the PA sexual abuse lawyers of Abuse Guardian.

Explore All That Center City Museums Have To Offer

Philadelphia, and especially its downtown or “center city” region is renowned for being covered in beautiful relics of times past. It’s also famous for its award-winning restaurants, but we’ll save that for another day. Indeed, the history in the city is alive not only on its walls but also within them, in some of the most esteemed museums in the world. It’d take quite some time to cover them all, so next, we’ll share with your our team’s top picks.

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Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation is regarded as one of the foremost collections of French impressionist and post-impressionist art and paintings in the world. It founded in 1922 by Albert Barnes, a man who had made fortune by co-developing an anti-septic. Not lucky in just this regard, Barnes was also able to sell his company a mere couple of months before the huge stock market crash of the late 1920s.

The collection has expanded to more than 4,000 items in the present day. These include almost 1,000 paintings that are believed to be worth more than twenty billion dollars.

Nevertheless, times weren’t always so prosperous for the Barnes Foundation. In the ’90s years, their worsening financial situation forced its board members to perform actions that were deemed rather controversial. These included shipping the artworks belonging to the Foundation around the world, essentially completing an international tour, to raise funds. This eventually led to the collection to be moved from its original location of Merion, PA to the contemporary site – directly on the regal Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philly Museum of Art, located on the outskirts of Center City, is an art museum initially commissioned in 1876 and whose principle exhibition hall building was finished in 1928 on a hill on Fairmount, where it famously remains today. In the modern day, the Museum is also marked by various annexes which include the Rodin Museum and the Perelman Building, both of which are also present on or near Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

This landmark museum contains an assortment of almost 250,000 articles of different types and classes but which include prints, photos, models, canvases, drawings and ornamental specialties of Asian, European, and American origin. Throughout the seasons, varied yet unique presentations are held in at the Museum. These incorporate visiting shows as well as different galleries from the United States or even local the Philadelphia, but also from abroad.

The number of yearly visitors for the Museum of Art was just short of 800,000 last year. This makes it one of the most-visited art galleries on the planet. This historical center is likewise one of the grandest art displays halls on the planet when measured by sheer display space alone.

The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is a world-class museum located at 222 N 20th St, quite close to the Benjamin Franklin Pkwy as our last feature, as well as some prominent parks like Franklin Square which we’ve covered in the past. The Institute is a science museum as well as a center of research and education in Center City Philly. It’s named after the American founding father, scientist and statesman Benjamin Franklin. Most importantly, it is also the home of the man’s own memorial, the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.

The most recognizable part of the Franklin Institute’s Science Center is the Franklin Institute Science Museum. From the spirit of inquiry and discovery embodied by the man who grew to be the museum’s namesake, the Franklin Institute serves to inspire an understanding of and enthusiasm for science and technology subjects. Among other exhibits, the Science Museum also holds the largest collection of artifacts in the Wright brothers’ workshop. For a fan of anything related to planes and air flight, this wonderful museum is a dream come true.

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