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A Timeline of Chambersburg, PA

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The clergy abuse lawyers from Chambersburg bring you the following article about the borough. We hope you could learn something new about the history of Chambersburg.

History of Chambersburg

Chambersburg is a borough within the South Central region of Pennsylvania. As the county seat of Franklin County, it is located in the Cumberland Valley of the larger Great Appalachian Valley. The borough is the 13th largest municipality in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the largest if measured by fiscal size, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Fore English settlement, the area was home to the Iroquois, Lenape and Shawnee tribes. In 1730, a Scots-Irish immigrant by the name of benjamin Chamers settled "Falling Spring," where he built a grist mill and saw mill at the confluence of Falling Spring Creek and Conococheague Creek. Four years later, a representative of the Penn family gave Chambers a "Blunston license" for 400 acres to encourage more settlements in the area. In 1748, a local militia was created to protect the settlers against Indians. As the colonel of the militia, Chambers built a private stone fort during the French and Indian War.

After the war, Chambersburg was developed as a transportation and trading hub at the intersection of Forbes Road and the Great Wagon Road. It was plated in 1764. The town played a part in the American Revolutionary War and the Whiskey Rebellion as James Chambers, Benjamin Chamber's eldest son, helped lead the war and became a Colonel of the Continental army troops and a Brigadier General of Militia. President George Washington also passed through the area on his way to and from battle.

In 1784, Franklin County was established after Cumberland County was split. A courthouse and jail were built in 1793 and 1795, respectively. On March 21, 1803, Chambersburg was incorporated and designated as the county seat of Franklin County. In 1818, the oldest jail building, "Old Jail," in Pennsylvania was built. For decades, the fastest route going from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia was by stagecoach from Pittsburgh to Chambersburg and then by train from Chambersburg to Philadephia.

During the Civil War era, Chambersburg was a stop on the Underground Railroad. On October 10, 1862, and the Gettysburg Campaign of 1863, many railroad properties in Chambersburg were burned down, including the railroad bridge across the Conococheague Creek at Scotland. That same year, General Robert E. Lee also established his headquarters on a nearby farm. In 1864, another attack happened in Chambersburg. Dispatched by Jubal Early, Confederate Bridg. Gen. John McCausland burnt down most of the town. Soon, "Rember Chambersburg" became a Union battle cry.

It took over 30 years for Chambersburg to be restored to its pre-Civil War standards. On July 1878, the Memorial Fountain in the town's center was dedicated in honor of the Civil War soldiers and Chambersburg's fighters in other wares. The state of Pennsylvania also built one of its 69 schools to educate children orphaned by the war in the borough.

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Historic Sites

Although much of the town was burnt down, many of its historically significant buildings and properties have been restored to represent the history of the area. Some of which include:

  • Brotherton Farm
  • John Brown House
  • Coldbrook Farm
  • James Finley House
  • Franklin County Courthouse
  • Franklin County Jail
  • Gass House
  • Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church
  • Masonic Temple
  • Memoria; Fountain and Stature
  • Townhouse Row
  • Wilson College
  • Zion Reformed Church

The borough is also home to the Chambersburg Historic District. These historic sites have been individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places (CDP).

Wilson College

Established in 1869 as a women's college, Wilson College was named for Sarah Wilson, its first major donor. The private liberal arts college is Presbyterian-related. It is known for its programs: Veterinary Medical Technician, Equestrian, and Women With Children. In 2013, the college began enrolling male students. It sits on the former property of Alexander McClure, whose home Norland was burnt down during the war.

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