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A Timeline of Kansas City, Missouri

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The following article is brought to you by the sexual assault lawyers from Kansas City. We encourage residents and visitors to learn more about the history of the city.

History of Kansas City

Kansas City is the largest city by population and area in the state of Missouri. As of the 2020 census, it has a population of 508,090 people and is the 36th most populous city in the United States. The city is also the 23rd largest city by total area in the nation and the historical core city and most populated municipality of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It, alongside major suburb Independence, makes up the two county seats of Jackson County. The first European to have been documented visiting the site of the current Kansas City was Étienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont. He was also the first European to explore the lower part of the Missouri River. The timeline of Kansas City is as follows:

  • 1838 - Settlement established as "Town of Kansas"
  • 1850 - The Town of Kansas was incorporated
  • 1853 - The City of Kansas was incorporated
  • 1857 - Chamber of Commerce was established
  • 1867 - The Battle of Westport of the American Civil War
  • 1869 - Missouri River railroad bridge was opened
  • 1882 - The first electric lighted was implemented in the city by KCP&L
  • 1889 - Kansas City was formed through a merger of the City of Kansas and Westport
  • 1892 - The courthouse was constructed
  • 1893 - City Hall was constructed
  • 1908 - City Hospital was built
  • 1926 - The Liberty Memorial opened with a dedication to World War I veterans
  • 1937 - City Hall was rebuilt
  • 1945 - Kansas City native Harry S Truman became president
  • 1951 - Great Flood of 1951
  • 1954 - Paseo Bridge was opened
  • 1993 - Great Flood of 1993
  • 2010 - Christopher S. Bond Bridge was opened to replace the former Paseo Bridge
  • 2011 - Google Fiber services began
  • 2014 - Liberty Memorial was designated as National World War I Monument
  • 2015 - Kansas City Royals won the World Serious
  • 2020 - Kansas City Chiefs won the Superbowl LIV

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial, or the National World War I Museum and Memorial, was opened in 1926. Located in Kansas City, it has been designated as the nation's official war memorial and museum dedicated to World War I by the United States Congress. The 32,000-square-foot facility focuses on global events before 1914 that led to World War I, the 1918 armistice and the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Its two galleries feature items such as a Renault FT Tank, uniforms like the Model 1915 Field Jacket of Paul von Hindenburg, maps and photographs, munitions, international propaganda posters, state-of-the-art interactive displays, and replica trenches. There are also two theaters with educational narratives, the Edward Jones Research Center. R.A. Long Education Center, J.C. Nichols Auditorium, and the Over There Café.

To enter the exhibit space, visitors would have to cross a glass bridge situated above a field of 9,000 red poppies representing the combatant deaths in the war. The museum was designed by Harold Van Buren Magonigle of the Westlake Construction Company. It is of the Beaux Arts Classicism and Egyptian Revival architectural styles. On September 20, 2006, the museum was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and designated a National Historic Landmark (NHL). Today, it is managed by a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the Kansas City Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners.

City Market

City Market was created in 1857 on the corner of Walnut Street and West 5th Street. As one of the largest public farmers' markets in the American Midwest, it is also the most enduring. The market allows growers and small businesses to operate in and link to the community. It operates year-road and features over 30 full-time merchants. Visitors can browse through and choose from a variety of fresh meats and seafood, specialty foods, restaurants and cafes, home accessories, hand-crafted pieces, floral and more. Also located on the property is the Arabia Steamboat Museum, which houses artifacts found on a steamboat that sank near the city in 1856.

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