Thomas Kummer, Abington High Teacher, Charged For Sexual Contact With Children In Pennsylvania

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Were you or a loved one abused by Thomas Kummer, a teacher at Abington Senior High School in Pennsylvania? Kummer has been arrested and charged for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. Police authorities claim that Kummer has committed sexual misconduct with at least two other students in the past. Our experienced Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorneys believe that additional victims have yet to step forward.

Legal Help For Alleged Victims Of Thomas Kummer

You are not alone. Teachers who abuse their position of trust and authority to exploit vulnerable young students must be held accountable. While Thomas Kummer now faces dozens of felony charges for his alleged misconduct, he has not yet been held accountable to his alleged victims. We believe that some survivors may have the right to file a civil lawsuit, pursuing justice, accountability and compensation from all of the responsible parties.

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If you or your child was abused by Thomas Kummer, we believe you, and we believe your story deserves to be heard. Sexual abuse can raise a painful storm of emotions – anger, grief, shame, fear and embarrassment. These are natural reactions to a terrible trauma.

We understand that the prospect of stepping forward can seem terrifying, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Recovery is possible. Sexual abuse need not define your life.

You have powerful legal rights. Our compassionate PA sexual abuse lawyers can help guide you through the legal process with confidence. Learn more about your legal options in a free, confidential consultation today. You can find more information at no charge and no obligation.

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Pennsylvania Teacher Arrested For Sexual Misconduct

Montgomery County police have arrested a Latin teacher at Abington Senior High School over allegations that he had inappropriate sexual contact with a student. Thomas Kummer, 55, faces five felony charges – corruption of minors; unlawful contact with a minor; photographing, filing, or depicting a sexual act on a computer; endangering the welfare of a child; and institutional sexual assault of a minor.

Authorities say Kummer has had inappropriate relationships with students on at least two other occasions, in 1999 and 2006.

“Romantic” Messages Found On Victim’s Phone

Kummer was arraigned on Monday, October 1, 2018 and held on $250,000 bail. Police say Kummer had sexual contact with the student during a school trip to Italy, for which he was a chaperone. Additional evidence was discovered on the victim’s electronic devices. Police say that her phone and laptop contain 290 pages of messages between him and the student, most of which are “romantic in nature.”

Some of the messages have been published in the affidavit of probable cause for Kummer’s arrest. One, according to 6ABC, reads, “I think you should move in with me.” Another says, “I miss you, I love you,” while a third says, “I always have two emergency tickets to the Caribbean. I want to be on a plane with you.”

In the days before his arrest, Kummer’s messages to the teen appear to grow panicked. He worries to her about whether the police have obtained a search warrant, and whether she has deleted their older text messages. “I’m thinking should I run now,” the school teacher writes, “like, I’m afraid to go to school on Monday. I’m completely freaked out.”

Authorities also found “compromising” photographs of the minor student, believed to be a female under the age of 18, in the evidence.

School Officials “Cooperating” With Police

Kummer has worked at the Abington High School for 23 years.

In the wake of the arrest, school officials released a letter to parents on social media, telling families that Kummer had been suspended from his position at the school. Any parents or students who have more information on Kummer’s alleged misconduct have been urged to contact the Abington Township Police Department. The letter, signed by Abington Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey S. Fecher, says school staff are cooperating with the police.

Prosecutors Pile On Criminal Charges

Additional details emerged after Kummer was called in for a preliminary hearing following his arrest, at which prosecutors added numerous additional charges against the Latin teacher, including 10 counts of unlawful contact with a minor and 10 counts of institutional sexual assault of a minor, according to the Times Chronicle.

For their new charges, prosecutors drew on evidence that, following the Italy trip, Kummer and the student had at least 10 sexual encounters, mainly at his Willow Grove home.

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Kummer Has Had Other Victims, Authorities Say

Authorities have also learned that Kummer had “previously engaged in similar conduct” with female students or former students on at least two occasions, in 1999 and 2006. Prosecutors say the previous incidents are outside the criminal statute of limitations, but used the new revelations as evidence that Kummer’s bail should be increased.

The judge declined to increase Kummer’s bail, which he posted with his parent’s home as collateral. The teacher has been ordered not to have any contact with people under 18.

This isn’t the first time that Kummer has found himself facing legal trouble. The teacher was arrested in 200 for simple assault and terroristic threats. He was allowed to participate in a program for first-time offenders. Kummer was not required to report the charges to the school district.

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