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Tyler John Bosiljevac, Former Emporia High School Teacher, Faces Sexual Abuse Charges

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Bosiljevac Was Fired Before Being Charged In Mid-2020

Tyler John Bosiljevac, a 39-year-old social studies teacher formerly employed by Emporia High School, was fired in late February 2020 after a student complained to administrators about the alleged teacher's sexual harassment. However, it wasn't until May of that year that Bosiljevac was arrested and charged by the Lyon County Attorney’s Office.

Emporia Public Schools records gave various reasons for Bosiljevac's termination including failure to demonstrate sound judgment, violating the school district’s sexual harassment policy, and violating the school district’s restriction on staff-student relations. 

Soon after the alleged student sexual abuser's firing, Lyon County Officers began an investigation. Dozens of interviews with current and former students were conducted. From these, many past victims were uncovered.

Abuse Guardian has not filed a lawsuit in this case. Learn more about this and similar cases from our Kansas sexual abuse lawyers.

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May 2020: Sex Crimes Charges Against Former Teacher Tyler John Bosiljevac

The initial complaint included the following charges:

  • Attempted sexual exploitation against a then-17-year-old (August 2019-February 2020)
  • Sexual battery and attempted unlawful sexual relations against a then-16-year-old (November 2018-June 2019)
  • Attempted sexual exploitation against a then-16-year-old, with an alternate count of attempted sexual exploitation (November 2018-June 2019)
  • Indecent liberties against a then-15-year-old (July 2018-February 2019)
  • Indecent liberties against a then-15-year-old (February 2019-June 2019)
  • Indecent liberties against a then-14-year-old (July 2016-June 2017)

August 2020: Charges Against Bosiljevac Are Amended

Nearly 3 months later, in August of 2020, the complaint against Bosiljevac was amended to include additional felony charges for indecent liberties with a child, attempted sexual exploitation, attempted unlawful sexual relations with students, and indecent solicitation of a child. Two other misdemeanor counts of sexual battery were also included among the amendments.

Sexual Abuse Of High School Students By Teachers

For the students who grow and flourish within the Kansas Public School system, the high school experience is one that is full of life-molding events. For example, it is during these critical years that we first learn how to interact with others as young adults.

Terribly, there are some who will try to leverage the fragile naivete of high school students to their advantage. Whether they realize it or not, by sexually abusing these young students, perpetrators are permanently altering the course of their victims' lives. Victims of sexual abuse in high school will often require extensive professional treatment to be able to overcome such deep trauma. Even with the support of health professionals, some never make full recoveries.

Unfortunately, while it may be effective at putting sex crime perpetrators in prison, the criminal justice system does a poor job of supporting victims at all. This is exactly why victims should seek an experienced attorney to help them fight for what's right.

Filing A Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

A lawsuit can provide victims with the compensation they need to undergo as much medical treatment as is necessary. There is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to supporting victims of sex crimes. Via a lawsuit against negligent parties, victims can be awarded the financial support necessary to help them put the pieces back together.

The road to recovery is never easy, which is why victims and their loved ones deserve to have all the tools available at their disposal. A legal claim is one of the few paths through which they may access all of these tools and finally get justice.

For more information on student abuse attorneys in Kansas, visit our page: Kansas House Pushes For Transparency In Child Abuse Investigations

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Tyler Bosiljevac Emporia High School Teacher Charged Illegal Sexual Activity With Teens
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